Best History Books for Ages 9 – 11

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Each decade in this book begins with an overview of the era so readers have more context to further understand the major events. Plus, there are biographies and fun facts that help keep young readers interested.

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From 6.5 MYA to the present day, this book travels through thousands of years to describe the important people, places, ideas and major events that have shaped our world.

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With this history book, students will cover everything from the founding of America to the modern era. Units are divided by specific eras in history to make it digestible and easy to follow.

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We like that this history book includes notable figures from every major era in U.S. history while also including an array of voices that truly represent the diversity of the country.

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With this illustrated history book, kids will learn about figures past and present. In total, 150 people are represented in this story series along with backstories to provide context.

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We like that this history book covers every U.S. president, from the first through the 45th. Plus, this pick comes with a bonus reference section with even more interesting facts about each person.

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With this history book, kids will learn about 50 people ranging from athletes and entertainers to scientists, explorers and even people who bucked the status quo to change society.

Expert Commentary

Acquaint your budding historian with these fundamental historical people and concepts to ensure they can not only excel in social studies, but also keep up with your next dinner party conversation! These books are great for students to learn American history as well as world history — each book offers a slightly different focus and lens to history, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in multiple books so your child can compare and contrast.