Best History Books for Ages 5 – 7

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This book introduces concepts such as patriotism, geography, laws, citizenship and general history through fun activities and thought-provoking questions. It makes a great resource for supplementing classroom learning or getting your young student ready for school.

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Through a fun storyline and engaging graphics, this guide helps satisfy children’s natural curiosity about a variety of topics. It’s a great first encyclopedia that helps young students explore their surroundings in exciting, age-appropriate and interactive ways.

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Kids will love this fun history book that covers historical events, cool cities in each state and even the unique nature and landscapes that are associated with some states.

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From Tutankhamen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this history book highlights influential people in society that shaped the world around them and continue to leave their mark.

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This history book helps children learn about important locations and pivotal moments in history that took place around the world. We like that this book brings history to life.

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This history book was made by teachers and tackles history, economics, civics and geography. It also meets state and National Council for the Social Studies standards.

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We like that this history book includes vocabulary cards, templates and project learning ideas as well as the fact that it covers historic figures, American Indians and discusses cultures in depth.

Expert Commentary

These fun history books for the kindergarten to second-grade level are perfect for students getting to know the basics of history. These books are engaging and will help your young student get acquainted with history concepts and associate the subject with riveting stories, facts and figures.