Best History Books for Ages 12 – 14

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This appealingly illustrated graphic novel sheds light on the different ways the Jewish community was impacted by WWII, as the stories take place in different places and contexts throughout Europe. The book includes a glossary, timeline and updates on the real survivors’ lives as well.

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Wanting to share the stories of brave individuals who helped save countless lives, author Joseph Bruchac has written a compelling historical fiction novel inspired by true events. The story about a young Navajo boy who becomes a critical code talker in an effort to win World War II honors Native American language and culture.

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With this history book, students will cover every aspect of U.S. history from its founding to the modern era. The chapters are divided by eras so it’s easy to follow.

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This history book is perfect for visual learners who are less likely to be engaged with a traditional text-only or predominantly text-only history book.

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We like that this history book focuses on a range of Americans from various eras, including a healthy number of people from modern times for a more relatable reading experience.

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We like that this World War II-era history book also includes stories from survivors of the Holocaust as well as people who lived through the war in Europe and the U.S.

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Children will learn about everything from dinosaurs and Neanderthals to the Industrial Revolution and the Silk Trade in this intensive history book.

Expert Commentary

Junior high and middle school is the period when students go beyond facts and figures to critical thinking and understanding the patterns and rationale behind historical events. These history supplements are a fun, engaging way to get your student to push their limits and start viewing history in a holistic manner. Some include riveting stories that bring to life historical events, which will help your student engage with the subject in a deeper way. These are great for adults, too, who may need a refresher on their social studies!