Best Highlighters

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These wearable highlighter wands are mess-free and help young readers concentrate on words. This set includes six wearable rings and 24 wands that are either yellow, purple, blue or clear. As kids point to words to follow along, the highlighter will go over a couple of words at a time, helping readers break down sentences into manageable chunks.

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The short, thick design makes these markers easy to hold; they can even be carried around in your pocket. The six pastel colors are nice on the eyes and the water-based ink will not bleed through pages or smear text. A chisel tip allows for thick or thin lines, making these highlighters quite versatile.

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Sharpie Pocket Highlighters are perfect for any use, whether you simply want to highlight key words and phrases or you need to take some notes. The colors are bright and easy to see, and because the pack comes with several color options, students have the ability to color-code. The highlighters are smear-proof and won’t smudge most ink.

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This Arteza highlighters value pack is perfect for the classroom. The colors are vibrant regardless of which option a child chooses. The ink does not smear and it dries fast. These can be used to highlight passages in a favorite book, in a child’s notes or on their homework. The design of the highlighters is comfortable even for small hands.

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This pack of TwoHands highlighters features six pastel colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The highlighters are designed to be long-lasting and can even be used for coloring. The chisel tip lets kids use line widths of either 1mm or 5mm, so they can cover a full passage or make thin lines. The barrels of the highlighters are thick, making them especially great for younger children as they build fine motor skills. These highlighters are recommended for children over the age of 3.

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The Javapen Rainbow Pastel Highlighter set is an especially great option due to the versatility it offers. The high-tech highlighter ink prevents smearing even when used on newspapers or over pen ink. The colors are see-through, making them easy to read through. The 4mm chiseled tip is perfect for coloring, so they can be used to doodle or fill in the pages of a favorite coloring book.

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The Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter assortment is the perfect set for someone seeking a more versatile option. It comes with 10 different colors, including everything from vibrant red and orange to subtle gray and light blue. The markers are durable and the caps, which indicate the marker color, fit tightly, reducing the chance of accidentally marking something. The ink is water-resistant and dries quickly so it will stay in place once marks are on the page.

Expert Commentary 

“These highlighters offer luxury for a bargain. I especially love the soft pastels that aren’t as bright as the neons, but there is a time and place for both. These sets are a great shared item in the household for both children and adults. Highlighting is a great skill for children to develop as they learn how to prioritize and emphasize text, ideas or numbers that they find to be important and worthy of highlighting. Sometimes they use them for coloring too, and we think that’s OK!”



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