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Best Highlighters

Color office highlighters isolated on white background, top view

Highlighters are essential classroom tools, letting students mark important information in a piece of text so they can come back to it later. They can make learning easier and are therefore important for learners of every age. These highlighters come in a broad array of colors, from bold to muted, and offer features that make them a solid, durable choice for students of all ages.

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighters offer subtle color options, with hues such as light green and violet. These softer shades are great for those who may find the neon hues of traditional highlighters uncomfortable to look at. These highlighters are designed to be long-lasting, with inks that shouldn’t bleed through paper.

With the addition of a notched clip on each marker, Sharpie Liquid Highlighters easily attach to three-ring binders, folders and notebooks. In addition to classic hues one would expect — including fluorescent yellow and blue — these highlighters feature unique color choices, such as berry and coral. The ink supply is visible on each highlighter, so users will know before they begin to run low.

Javapen Rainbow Pastel Highlighter Pens are designed to dry quickly, helping to prevent smears and smudges once the color is put onto the page. The colors themselves are unique, with options ranging from gray to smoky blue, and are mild to be easy on the eyes.

This Shuttle Art Chisel Tip Highlighters set has crisp colors in a variety of fun shades. The chiseled tips were made with the wear and tear of daily use in mind, making this 30-pack ideal for classroom use. Quick-drying ink helps to prevent smudging or smearing once marks have been put down onto the page.

This is a great choice for kids who prefer to erase their mistakes. With the chisel tip of these Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters, it is easy to make both thick and thin lines. Because the “eraser” is a clear highlighter that makes the colored highlighter ink invisible, eliminating a highlighted section on the page shouldn’t damage the paper.

Expert Commentary

Highlighters are a great tool in the classroom. Students can use highlighters to find and make note of words that they are working on. Highlighters are also a great tracing tool for struggling writers. You can write the word or sentence and the student can write with their pencil on top of the highlighter.

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