Best Hanging Strips for the Classroom

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For projects that need to be hung indoors or outdoors, this tape is perfect. It can withstand time and the elements with its industrial strength adhesive.

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This thick tape can hold up to 2.2 pounds and is easily removed from smooth surfaces. It is great for displaying posters, pictures, class projects and more.

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This is a permanent tape designed with very strong adhesive as an alternative to using rivets or nails. This product relies on the same elastic bonding technology that is used on planes and skyscrapers.

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This tape can be used to bond plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, brick, stone and more. The Gorilla mounting tape is also rated for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its weatherproof feature.

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These strips are best for heavier loads like picture frames. Each set of strips is rated to support up to 16 pounds. The velcro design gives you an audible confirmation that items are securely in place.

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The large roll gives you almost 10 feet of reusable tape that can stick to most surfaces. Plus, this tape doesn’t leave behind any residue.

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You’ll appreciate that this tape is waterproof which makes it safe for indoor or outdoor usage. But it’s also easy to remove and won’t leave behind a sticky residue on surfaces.

Expert Commentary

These double-sided hanging strips are super handy for any classroom or household setting. Drilling holes into walls can be damaging and may even be aesthetically unpleasant if you decide to remove the item later on. These strips are noncommittal and provide flexibility so that you can always change your mind later! These options vary in strength and materials, so choose the variety that will bring you maximum utility.