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Best Handwriting Skills Trainers

Cute girl writing her homework for elementary school at home.

Once students have learned the basics of handwriting, it’s time to perfect their penmanship.

In early elementary grade levels, brain-body association continues to develop and children begin to craft their unique styles. Great handwriting skills can help boost confidence and give children a better relationship with learning. A handwriting aid such as a game or workbook can further this development. The more they practice, the more improvement students will see. When choosing a writing aid for your child or student, find one that matches their learning level as well as one that will challenge them.

We’ve chosen options that will allow students to practice their skills while remaining engaged, and many reinforce other skills, such as reading, as well.

This book offers fun activities for each letter to not only learn handwriting, but also master the alphabet. It’s one of our favorite picks for ages 4 to 6. And if you and your child love this workbook, there are many more in the Handwriting Without Tears series. The book as a stand-alone product is good, and becomes even better in combination with the Handwriting Without Tears special writing paper, chalkboard and other hands-on materials.

The School Zone Big Preschool workbook helps encourage your children’s love of learning while reviewing various subjects at home. It includes lessons in colors, shapes, numbers one through 10, the alphabet and phonics, as well as pre-reading and pre-writing activities. It uses colorful and engaging content to gain and hold children’s interest. Writing by hand in the pages helps kids practice their writing skills as they go through the various lessons as well as improve their memory.

Help your students reach their full potential with the School Zone Big Kindergarten workbook. As they go through the pages, they write out their lessons, giving them plenty of practice with their handwriting. This workbook helps ensure a better understanding of the subject matter covered during the first year of school. It can also alert parents to any potential subjects that require more attention. Children will be thrilled to spend time with a caregiver working through this book as they cover a variety of subjects ranging from numbers to reading. It’s an ideal option for any child ages 5 to 6.

Advanced Option

Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids: Beginning Cursive (Paperback)

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Extra practice is essential to maintaining the writing skills that students have learned. It can also guide them into more advanced competencies. This workbook uses a fun arrangement for introducing cursive letter formations and gives plenty of information to guide children as they learn to connect them. The dot-to-dot format is ideal for engaging young writers into learning this more advanced skill set. This is a great option for kids aged 6 to 8.

Best for Learning

LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet (Toy)

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The LeapFrog writing aid has an easy-to-grip stylus that allows kids to trace letters and numbers on the tablet. It gives them instant feedback on writing accuracy and teaches letters from A to Z as well as numbers one to 10. Children are able to work through examples and lessons using a fun and interactive process that provides enjoyable practice.

Expert Commentary

“Mastering handwriting is a struggle in many American homes today, and many children need practice outside of the traditional classroom. I have personally used all of the products in this article as I have taught three very different children how to write (one in cursive). I will always be partial to ‘Handwriting Without Tears,’ given that handwriting time in our house did lead to tears. I have found the multi-sensory approach helps children learn to enjoy writing.”

Our Expert Consultant

Melissa Spurling

Melissa holds a doctorate in pharmacy and is a home educator, co-teaching a high school chemistry class and a primary school class. Having taught two of her own children to read, write and traverse Singapore Math, Melissa has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching and testing curriculum.