Best Graphing Calculator

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Students will like that this calculator comes in 11 different color options. Parents will like that it can be used for everything from pre-algebra to more complex subjects. This calculator is approved for SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams. A USB cable is included.

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This calculator includes six apps, and its functionalities cover plenty of math curriculum. It’s also rechargeable and runs up to 20 hours between charges. You can adjust the settings to five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. A USB cable is included.

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Students will also enjoy the picture-plot technology — which incorporates real-life images into their graphs — and the 3D graphing support. The icon-driven menu system makes it easy to acclimate to this device.

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Beyond its touchscreen functionality, this calculator allows you to add in background images, explore a number of complex math concepts, create graphs and spreadsheets and more. And with the included HP Connectivity Kit, you can connect your calculator to your computer via USB or wireless, allowing you to easily send and receive data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can graphing calculators help students with?

For a lot of students, math is a struggle. When students are faced with challenging subjects, it helps to provide different tools to help build their understanding. Graphing calculators can be used to teach students more complex subjects, from quadratics to trigonometry. Having a direct way to interact with formulas and their variables can help students see the cause-and-effect relationship between different elements of math problems. The immediate feedback from a calculator alongside a graphic display can bridge the gap for some students who struggle in math.

How can graphing calculators be used in the classroom?

Teaching math and science can be difficult for some teachers, especially in a classroom with a lot of students. Understanding equations and formulas can be confusing for students, so teachers can use graphing calculators to help students along in their learning. Teachers can provide lessons that use graphing calculators to give their students a more approachable way to interact with the class material. By having graphing calculators in the classroom, students can focus on the core concepts of each lesson without being overwhelmed by the complexity of some math subjects.

What features of graphing calculators can help students learn?

It is important to consider how learning tools benefit students and contribute to their understanding. Graphing calculators help students learn with several key elements, from their display to their wide-ranging capabilities. Some calculators have an interactive display that updates in real-time as students adjust variables and functions. This direct interaction with math and science can make the concepts easier to grasp through hands-on learning. There are also some calculators with powerful computing capabilities that can keep up with complex math, giving students immediate feedback instead of having to wait on loading times.

How can teachers bring graphing calculators into lessons?

Finding ways to integrate learning tools into class lessons is a great way to make schoolwork easier to understand. By making lessons that directly correspond with calculator functions, teachers can help their students develop their knowledge of the important concepts in class. Lessons that offer explanations of complex problems can assist a student’s learning by building a deeper understanding of what the calculator is doing and why. When students use calculators as an extension of classwork, they can understand the way different functions interact and feel confident in their knowledge.

Expert Commentary

I still cherish my TI-89 calculator to this day. They are robust, and you never know when you’ll need to do a more complex mathematical problem. The options above are tested items that are reliable and should suit your family’s needs. Make sure to invest in a good one for your child as they will be using it for many years to come, and if they’re like me, they will keep it for decades!