Best Graph Paper

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This graph paper is bright white with blue grid lines. The paper is perforated and letter-sized. With an extra-sturdy backing, you don’t even need a desk to set the pad on — just open it up and start writing.

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This pack of two graphing paper pads from Amazon Basics is a reliable buy. The paper is thick and won’t bleed ink, so both sides of each page can be used. Also, the top of each page is perforated for easy tearing.

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Five Star graph paper stands out for being double-sided, with differently sized graphs on each side.. The paper is three-hole punched for use with binders, and the holes are triangular in shape for added strength.

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Oxford graph-ruled filler paper is a quality option that resists smudging and ink bleeding. The graph paper is double-sided, giving students more room to work. The lines on this paper are subtle and make it easy for students’ own marks to stand out.

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Mr. Pen graph paper is thick and able to withstand heavier inks without bleeding. The pad’s cardboard back is thick as well, providing plenty of support for taking notes or drawing. Perforation at the top ensures each page can be torn out as needed.

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It’s easy to make precise marks on TOPS graph paper pads thanks to their cross-sectioned graph pattern. The graph lines are visible without being too dark and they don’t show up when this graph paper is photocopied.

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RETTACY graph paper has a clear plastic cover that makes it easy to customize. The thick pages can be torn out with ease.

Expert Commentary

Graph paper is handy for not only math and geometry exercises, but for general note-taking and even art projects! I love the quality of the options above — they are smooth and heavy-duty. Every grade school child should have plenty of graph paper handy to aid in their academic and artistic projects.



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