Best Goal Posters

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Each poster has blank lines so you can customize your benchmarks along the way to your goal and any kind of markers can be used to fill in the thermometer. There is no adhesive or lamination, but you can mount the poster on any flat surface using anything from tape or velcro to mounting putty or push pins. Each poster measures 48 inches by 11 inches.

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This goal poster thermometer has easy-to-read percentage markings to denote how close you are to your goal. The laminated top layer works great with dry erase markers and won’t leave behind “ghost” markings. The poster measures 48 inches tall, making it great to display anywhere in the classroom. It can be mounted with any sort of material such as push pins, velcro strips or mounting putty. Thanks to the durable lamination and dry erase marker compatibility, this is a wonderfully reusable chart.

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The Orca Goal Tracker Chart’s thermometer design is a great way to show children how they are progressing. A pull-through ribbon made of durable material shows children’s progress on the thermometer toward their goal. The entire poster is wipeable, so adults or kids can write on it to indicate smaller goals or mark milestones. Then, once a goal is met, the markings can be wiped away with a wet towel. This goal-tracker folds away flat for easy storage.

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This version of the classic thermometer-style goal poster features a whiteboard-like front for easily wiping away any markings. The backside of the poster peels away to reveal an adhesive that makes it easy to stick onto any surface. It includes a plastic scraper for smoothing it out after you place it, plus two dry erase markers in red and black. They can be used to fill in the rising temperature and write in goals for children to meet.

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Each cardstock poster in this six-pack of thermometer-style goal posters is a different color for easy identification, and each offers a space to include a child’s name. Additionally, along the side of the thermometer are spaces to insert individual goals, such as spelling words to master or books to complete. There are even spaces to include details such as how kids plan to master their goals and the reward they can expect to receive for each goal met.

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The Lushleaf Designs thermometer-style goal poster is made of a high-quality paper that can be reused over and over again. While it comes in the style of a chalkboard, it is coated with dry erase lamination so it can be used with a variety of writing utensils, including liquid chalk. After filling in goals and goal progress, it is easy to wipe the poster clean and get started on yet another set of goals.

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The BigMouth Inc. goal poster has a moveable ribbon to track children’s goals on the thermometer, and the poster is made of a dry-erase material that will last for multiple uses. This goal poster includes grommet holes that make it easy to hang anywhere. The poster shows progress in percentages, helping little ones learn basic math as they work on other skills such as spelling or reading. This poster folds flat for easy storage when you’re not using it.

Expert Commentary

“These are clever, creative goal trackers — I love them! Kids have so much fun tracking their progress and coloring in the poster when they hit a milestone. Adults and parents can use it, too: I’ve used one of these posters for a fundraising event, and it’s a great way to visualize progress on any project or goal.”