Best Globes for Elementary-School Kids

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This globe is made of sturdy vinyl material that won’t pop when blown up. It comes with a plastic stand so it can be kept out and used for studying or fun. The globe is easy to read, has clear labeling and bright colors and is recently updated so it has the most accurate details. Kids can study geography around the world with the labeled deserts, mountains and rivers. Recommended for kids 6 and older.

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This globe is fully interactive with the included pen. The pen has buttons to power on/off, increase volume, repeat facts, change the mode and stop. This globe has an abundance of facts and statistics about every country and ocean, such as geography, national anthem, language, demographic, area and more. To really test your kids’ knowledge, there are over 300 quiz questions that are answered by pointing the pen to the correct location on the globe. This is a fun choice for learning about the world from home or in the classroom.

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This interactive globe takes children on a wonderful adventure around the world. The set comes with a 10-inch globe, country flag stickers, stamps, a passport and a detailed guide to help kids learn how to use it. The free augmented reality app for use with the globe is compatible with various mobile devices and tablets. On their adventure, children can learn about different cultures, countries’ monuments and animals, and also take a look at their maps, weather and more. Since everything is in 3-D, this globe offers an immersive experience and is perfect for developing cognitive and linguistic skills as well as basic geographic knowledge. This globe is perfect for children ages 4 to 10.

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This 3-in-1 educational toy is the perfect companion for any child who loves not only learning about the world, but learning about the constellations as well. Perfect for early learners, the globe features geographic and political maps, deserts, reefs, oceans and rivers. Children can drift off to sleep with a nightlight of the constellations to guide them. Featuring all 88 constellations, the brilliant stars, planets and navigational lines, this toy is one parents can feel good about giving and is a great option for any child ages 3 and up.

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The standard desktop political globe puts all of the world’s countries at your child’s fingertips. Perfect for a homeschool environment or for a child with a love of learning, the globe is easy to assemble, sturdy and child-friendly. It can easily be taken off the stand if needed, which makes it a great option for kids who want to look at the countries on the map a little more closely. The globe is detailed and easy to read and children will have plenty of fun seeking out different locations around the world. The globe is recommended for children 8 and up.

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This classic swivel globe has its place in any child’s classroom, bedroom or library. Perfect for the entire family, it features high-quality printing and encourages children to want to learn more about the world around them. Bright colors help differentiate countries on the map, making it simple to read and understand. It has a solid black base, giving it a stylish, modern look. This option is recommended for children 6 and up.

Expert Commentary

“World globes that children can engage with help build the basic knowledge of geography that can alter lives. A globe can unleash history lessons and connections to real-world events, and help many subjects come alive for the young student or child.”