Best Games for Learning Colors

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With 10 double-sided activity cards, kids will enjoy playing all the little games this set has to offer. The set includes a total of 60 bears, six cups, two dice and two tweezers for the games. Some games have kids sorting bears based on color, while some show models for towers kids can build that will match the color pattern displayed on the card. These games help kids develop creativity, motor skills, memory, color recognition and critical thinking as they sort, match and create. Kids will love the bright colors and engaging activities that can be repeated again and again. This toy set was designed for kids ages 3 and older.

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This set comes with an instruction book full of 12 activities. Kids can sort bears into six colored cups or sort them based on shapes, counting and more with the three different dice that are included. You can start with the most basic games to establish color recognition and then move up to games that combine skills, allowing kids to love playing this game as they build knowledge and skills. The tweezers help kids with hand-eye coordination and motor skills as they learn critical thinking, math and sorting skills. The bears can even be connected so kids can build abstract shapes and structures. This is a great toy for children ages 3 and up.

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Children will enjoy interacting with bushels of realistic produce as they learn the colors of the rainbow. They’ll also expand their vocabulary by learning the names of new foods. The labels used on each basket also promote reading as kids learn which colors need to be placed in each basket. Whether the items are chewed, dropped or thrown, the pieces maintain their quality and don’t crack or break easily. Kids can easily grasp them due to their non-slippery surface and thick design. With 25 different fruits and vegetables included, the sorting set allows kids ages 18 months and up to develop recognition and get plenty of practice learning their colors.

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This game offers a variety of benefits to children who are 3 and older. Kids can practice sorting and counting, and improve their eye-hand coordination. A die is used to determine which color of bear needs to be placed in the right cup, teaching players how to follow rules and take turns. Children can get many years of use out of this STEM toy that’s designed to motivate and stimulate toddler and preschool minds. There are 60 different colored bears included, which kids can also use to learn how to count by twos, threes, fours and fives as their skills become more advanced over time. This is easy to take on the go thanks to the durable storage container, which holds all of the pieces and makes them easy to access. Once kids begin to master the game, they can download the eBook to learn how to get more out of it.

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This egg set mimics a real carton of eggs, though the eggs come apart, featuring corresponding colors and holes that fit together. Kids know they’ve made the right match when the two pieces connect. The eggs are easy to grasp and pull apart or put together. As kids handle the eggs, they will strengthen their motor skills and build other valuable skills like sorting, dexterity, matching, counting and color coordination. They can also use the eggs with a play kitchen for added entertainment and an extended learning experience. Those who are delayed with their gross motor skills or who have sensory issues can benefit from the game, and the simple design of the egg set makes it ideal for independent play. The game is made for children over 18 months old.

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The AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard toy includes illustrated pattern boards intended for children ages 3 and older. The images aren’t complete until the buttons are snapped into the right spot. Children can identify the various colors used while they learn how to create patterns. The toy also gives children the chance to strengthen their sequencing ability and improve hand dexterity, imagination and artistic sense. The mosaic kit is made from high-quality materials, which boosts its overall value and lifespan. Kids can continue to use it as they grow or pass it on to younger siblings.

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These flashcards are the perfect tool for kids over 18 months old who are just starting to learn their colors and numbers. The cards are laminated and tear-resistant, allowing them to be used again and again. They’re small enough for tiny hands to carry around, ensuring that the learning doesn’t stop. The associated words also help toddlers begin to recognize specific letters as they’re introduced to spelling and reading. The illustrations on the cards are clear and simple, while the images feature vibrant color shades, making them easy to recognize. Each side of the card has its own purpose to ensure kids can learn their numbers, colors, animals and words all in one activity.

Expert Commentary

“One of my favorite parts of my kids learning to talk was teaching them colors. It’s such a fun (and funny) experience. Toys and games like the Skoolzy rainbow bears have been a great resource not just for teaching colors but also for introducing patterns, sorting and counting.”