Best Games and Puzzles For Learning Numbers

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This puzzle has a large board with chunky, bright pieces that are easy to grip, see and read, and that don’t pose a choking risk. There are two boards, one for numbers and one for letters, so kids can focus on one at a time. There are even math symbols so kids can use these blocks to reinforce basic math and spelling skills, as well as counting, matching, color recognition and sorting skills.

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This is a great puzzle that helps develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills while introducing kids to familiar shapes and numbers. Kids can fit the blocks into their respective slots on the board, and stack colored rings on the pegs that correspond to the numbers beneath, helping them count. This puzzle is great for kids ages 3 and older.

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Kids ages 1 to 7 will be delighted to find what’s inside these apples. They’re able to count the seeds, match colors and recognize numbers. This game offers many different options for investigation, including pretend shopping. There’s even an engineering challenge for older kids. No matter the age, every child will have fun with this type of hands-on learning.

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The Sendida Montessori Toys Number Puzzle will have kids fishing for more. It offers an absolutely charming opportunity for children ages 2 to 5 to learn while having fun as they use a magnetic fishing pole to sort wooden pieces. It helps develop skills like coordination, counting and recognizing and matching colors and numbers. The games can be played with friends or independently.

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This fun, themed puzzle set is a wonderful conversation-starter and is great for children who love animals and trains. Kids ages 3 to 5 will spend hours learning with this colorful game. Matching the train cars in the correct manner will allow children to recognize the accurate order of the letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers for counting. They’ll also learn colors, sequencing and focus, as well as members of the animal kingdom.

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This matching puzzle provides children the chance to practice number recognition and counting while helping them maintain their focus. The only pieces that fit together are the matching pairs. This allows kids to immediately realize that they need to try something different, so it doesn’t take them too long to begin to recognize the matches right away. This puzzle is a great choice for young children who are 3 to 5 years old.

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This Melissa & Doug Number Puzzle is ideal for children who are independent learners or for those who need practice in matching and counting. It is self-correcting, meaning that only the sides that belong together will match. This provides immediate feedback and allows children to make corrections when necessary. This also helps kids build confidence in their own problem-solving abilities. This puzzle game is perfect for 4- to 6-year-olds.

Expert Commentary
“Both puzzles and games that focus on numbers can help young children engage with and succeed in basic math. Avoid any punishment with failure, as making numbers fun can form the foundation for mathematical excellence.”



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