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Best Freezer Packs for Lunch Boxes

There’s nothing worse than opening up a lunch box at the cafeteria and finding warm milk or yogurt. Besides being gross, this scenario is a serious food safety issue that can lead to an upset stomach or food poisoning. Keep your child’s lunch safe with a freezer pack designed to last well past lunchtime.

Parents will appreciate that these freezer packs are BPA-free and small enough to fit in even the tiniest lunch box or bag.

These slim ice packs measure less than an inch thick so they can easily slip into any size carry-on. Plus, they are BPA-free, making them safe for your child’s lunch box.

These ice packs are perfect for small lunch bags or even for parents carrying a snack or two while out with their children. You’ll like that these are also BPA-free.

Their soft sides and small dimensions make them easy to squeeze into lunch boxes or junior-sized backpacks for a day at preschool or daycare. These ice packs are BPA-free and durable.

Parents will like that these are leakproof ice packs with a food-grade shell that’s BPA-free. Plus, these ice packs freeze quickly, making them very easy to prepare for tomorrow’s lunch.

Expert Commentary

These cooler packs are compact, high-quality and nontoxic for your entire family. These will come in handy from school lunches and picnics to long car rides or traveling. You can also use them for icing bumps and bruises, just remember to wrap a towel around them. You will need more than one, so stock up on these good finds.