Best Fountain Pens

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If you’re looking for an elegant-looking budget option, you’ll like this pen. It comes with black ink and two refillable ink cartridges, as well as a case to carry it all in.

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This medium nib fountain pen includes blue and black ink so you’re ready to get writing. It writes smoothly with a consistent ink flow and won’t leak.

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You’ll like that this fountain pen comes with a medium nib and features beautiful trim on the cap’s clip. This model comes with an elegant gift box as well.

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This fountain pen features an extra-fine nib and comes with one ink cartridge. You’ll like the smooth writing experience you get, and the fact that this comes with a converter for bottled ink.

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You’ll like that this fountain pen set writes with a medium point. These pens are disposable, and because they’re a budget pick, you won’t mind buying more when these are finished.

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This fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge. We like that this also comes in an elegant gift box. Your gift recipient will like that these pens are designed to be refilled, too.

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This pen comes with a blue cartridge but is also refillable, making it an economical solution. You’ll like the charcoal exterior, fine-point nib and the black coated steel nib.

Expert Commentary

Fountain pens feel like a dream when you write with them. They not only write smoothly, but they also look extremely professional. They will change the experience of writing forever — invest in a high-quality fountain pen if you haven’t already. The colored versions are great for writing greeting cards from invitations to thank-you and birthday notes, and I guarantee the readers will notice a difference, too. These pens will be treasured and once you use a fountain pen, it’ll be hard to go back to the basic versions. I used these pens when writing my wedding invitations and thank-you notes, and they worked out very well and minimized writing fatigue because they glide over the pages.