Best Folders with Pockets

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This 12 pack of folders includes two folders each in six colors. Each one has two internal pockets. The folders are made of plastic with double-reinforced edges for extra durability. These folders are moisture-resistant and tear-resistant, and each folder can hold up to 135 sheets of paper.

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This rainbow assortment of folders gives you great organizational potential. Each folder has two pockets and three metal prongs so you can organize loose papers and three-hole-punched papers. The folders are made of heavy-duty plastic that keeps papers protected and won’t rip or tear.

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FILE-EZ Two-Pocket Folders stand out for the continuous design of their 5-inch-deep pockets, which do not have glue at the center of the fold. This makes inserting and removing papers seamless. The business card holder has a four-corner design that helps eliminate popout. The folders themselves are thick and durable, allowing them to stand up well to regular use.

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STEMSFX Heavy-Duty Plastic Two-Pocket Folders are made of a washable plastic so they can be reused even if they become dirty. They do not tear easily, even when subjected to heavy use. The different colors in the pack make them useful for color-coding different subjects.

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Oxford Two-Pocket Folders are a nice, sturdy option with capacity to hold up to 50 sheets of paper in each pocket. Included in each folder is a slot for a standard-sized business card. All of the colors in the pack are nice and bright.

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Five Star Four Pocket Folders come with a laminated surface that protects the folder and its contents from any accidental spills. The folders are also three-hole-punched, making them easy to fit into a binder. As a bonus, plenty of useful information is printed on the folders’ interior, such as multiplication tables, conversion tables and even a ruler.

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These Smead Two-Pocket Heavyweight File Folders are especially strong, being made from textured stock material. This helps to ensure they are able to stand up to plenty of wear and tear, even when used on a daily basis. The folders are easy to write on with a standard marker or pen, making them a good option for customization. The pockets are deep and can hold plenty of papers.

Expert Commentary

“As long as there’s paper, you need folders. These functional folders are essential for everyone. I like the variety of colors and textures offered above. All of these selections are quite durable and, in some cases, waterproof so they can be used for a long time.”