Best Flip-Top Drink Container

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The 20-ounce Opard water bottle has an easy, one-click, leak-proof flip top and has measurement markings on the exterior. The removable filter is great for infusing the water with some chopped fruit, while keeping the fruit from being accidentally swallowed.

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This 32-ounce water bottle is available in four colors, and it features a secure leak-proof and dust-proof lid that allows for better water flow. The top opens easily with one click and there is an attached carrying strap so you can stay hydrated on the go.

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Kids can easily take this bottle with them anywhere, thanks to its carrying loop. And because the straw is tethered to the lid of the bottle, it won’t go missing! Parents will also appreciate that this water bottle is dishwasher-safe and can be put in the top rack.

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The lid on the Zorri Sports Water Bottle includes a food-grade silicone seal and plugs, making it leak-proof. The exterior also features a silicone sleeve comfort grip. Bottles are available in sizes from 14-ounces to 32-ounces.

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These water bottles are dishwasher-safe as well as freezer- and microwave-safe. They also feature a leak-proof design.

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The “AutoSeal” feature is button-activated and prevents spills between sips. There’s also a side lock on this bottle so you don’t accidentally pop open the bottle while you’re on the go. Finally, this bottle features a high-flow spout for faster hydration.

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As is standard with Zorri bottles, these feature a food-grade silicone ring to prevent leaks, a one-click pop-top and a filter to prevent ice or fruit from spilling out of the wide mouth. This bottle also comes with a sponge for easier cleaning.

Expert Commentary

These flip-top water bottles are wonderful for so many different purposes, from kids’ soccer games to family camping and hiking trips to having in the house in case of emergencies. These are durable, proven options that will ensure you can stay hydrated wherever you are. The advantage of flip-tops is that you don’t have to screw and unscrew anything; you simply flip it open! I love the added convenience of this, and kids also find it easy to use (just make sure they don’t get too enthusiastic and spill the entire bottle). Choose the brand and style you most enjoy.