Best Flip Chart Paper

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This product includes six sticky easel pads with 30 pages per pad for a grand total of 180 pages. They have enough sticky strength to be removed and re-stuck multiple times, and have two holes up top for hanging on a wall or easel as well. The bright white paper is thick and will not bleed; the pages are perforated for easy removal. This set also includes a set of eight vibrant, washable markers that stand out on the page, making them perfect for classrooms.

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This 25-page easel pad is made of high-quality recycled paper that will not bleed ink from page to page. The pad can be hung on an easel or wall using the two holes at the top and all the pages are perforated so they can be removed. These VIZ-PRO pads can be purchased in single packs or packs of five, making them a useful purchase for classrooms.

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The Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pad makes it more convenient than ever to share ideas, give presentations or simply draw. The adhesive on this self-sticking flip chart paper is strong enough that you can move papers from one spot to another. The paper itself is high-quality, and not even markers will bleed through. You’ll get two 25-inch-by-30-inch pads in this set, each with a sturdy back card so it can easily stay put on an easel.

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These Business Source Self-Stick Easel Pads are a terrific option. Their durable cardboard backing helps to ensure a smooth and sturdy writing surface. The pages tear out cleanly, and each page has a self-stick adhesive strip, allowing it to easily adhere to any surface as needed for presentations or lessons.

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The Pacon Chart Tablet is a terrific option for classroom demonstrations. Because the paper is lined, it is an especially great choice for teaching letters and handwriting styles. The large size of the pages is ideal for making reference sheets you can use throughout the year.

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The School Smart Chart Tablet is a terrific classroom option as it features ruled lines that are ideal for lessons on spelling, handwriting and more. The pad includes 25 high-quality sheets of paper and has a sturdy construction that makes writing on it easy. The top of the pad has reinforced holes so it can easily be hung.

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The TOPS Easel Pad is a great basic option with high-quality paper. The pads are three-hole punched so they can easily be hung if necessary, though the size of the pads also makes them easy to place on a standard easel. The quality of the paper helps to prevent marker bleed-through even when used with larger chisel-tip markers. The pages are perforated to help you tear off pages without damage when you are ready for a new sheet of paper.

Expert Commentary

“These handy flip charts are a MUST! As a homeschool teacher and mom, these aid in lessons, checklists and creative brainstorming. The benefits of flip charts, unlike white boards, is that you can keep the pages afterward so it’s great for when you want to store and save your activities.”



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