Best Flashcards for First Words

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These cards are designed to be safe for babies as they’re made of thick and sturdy cardboard. The words and illustrations are of animals and other common objects that babies have likely seen elsewhere.

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This set comes with game instructions so you can play four different games with your little one to strengthen their vocabulary. The 56 cards cover a range of topics, giving children the proper words for a variety of common items they’ll recognize.

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Each card includes translations for the featured word in Spanish, French, German and Chinese — because it’s never too early to introduce children to a new language.

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These are perfect for both the classroom or at-home use. Keep in mind that while there are 54 cards, there isn’t a word for every letter of the alphabet.

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Each card features a full illustration that children will love. You’ll like that while your children are increasing their vocabulary, they’re also learning letter sounds and building reading skills.

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This set features over 500 words covering roughly 75% of words found in most beginner word books. These cards are best for children ages 3 to 9.

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The large illustrations are ideal for younger children ages 4 to 5. You can sort them by color or type to create variety and test your child’s memory.

Expert Commentary

First words are essential for kids to learn at an early age. Vocabulary skills compound over time, so the earlier you lay the foundations, the better reading and writing skills your child may develop. These options are wonderful ways to reinforce words as they have beautiful yet simple illustrations that help create vivid memories and associations with each word. Choose the quantity and variety that you think your child or student would most enjoy.