Best Flash Cards for Kids 4 – 8

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This set of 86 flashcards makes learning sight words fun and simple. Take these cards anywhere for on-the-go learning to prepare for school or reinforce concepts from the classroom.

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Each of the 67 cards has four words and one sentence that reinforce a specific phonic. Each word has a colorful picture next to it and the key letters for each phonic are highlighted on the card.

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The simple yet vivid illustrations will help to build word and image associations in your child’s or student’s mind. Plus, the bigger size is ideal for smaller hands to easily grasp and use.

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While these are great for kindergarten classes, they’re also an excellent choice for home use. Note, though, that there isn’t a word for every letter of the alphabet.

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Other core concepts children will learn with these cards include counting, numerical order and identifying number words. The large, colorful cards are perfect for on-the-go learning.

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Each card features a full illustration that’s colorful and engaging. Children will not only increase their vocabulary but also their understanding of letter sounds and reading skills.

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This set features 186 laminated flashcards that focus on the alphabet, sight words and phonetics. You’ll also get two dry erase markers that can help children trace letters and learn to write.

Expert Commentary

Between the ages 4 and 8 is a critical window for children to rapidly learn and build upon foundational skills. During this age period, most kids learn how to read, write, do arithmetic and practice the basics of their logical reasoning skills. These options above are great to help hone these early skills and supplement their learning as they enter or continue schooling.