Best Flash Card Holders and Boxes

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These flash card holders are made of plastic and feature two snap closures on the front. The dividers for each holder are adjustable, so you can move them any way to organize your cards efficiently. Each flash card holder in this set is a different color.

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Since this simple box holds a lot of flash cards, it’s perfect for students in classes that require a lot of flash cards — or for teachers who use a lot of flash cards in their classrooms. Inside there is a metal adjustable follower that makes sure all the cards are standing upright.

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The long shoe box-style box will accommodate up to 1,200 index cards, making it a great option for storing recipes in the kitchen, too. The included label holder is a nice touch, as well.

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The holders snap closed for a secure hold and the small size is perfect for slipping into backpacks or laptop bags.

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The box comes with a chrome label-holder and additional labels to keep items organized. The steel corners prevent wear and tear from shortening the lifespan of this box.

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The durable poly material can stand up to whatever rough-and-tumble little kids throw at it. It is water-resistant and tear-proof.

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We like that each of the four folders comes with 13 pocket dividers with tabs to help keep items organized. The vibrant divider hues help make schoolwork fun.

Expert Commentary

Love flashcards but hate the clutter? Luckily, you can have it both ways with these nifty flashcard holders! The sizes, designs and shapes differ — from standard boxes to neon envelope clutches, choose one or all of them. If your household is into flashcards as much as ours is, these flashcard holders are an essential item so that you don’t have to look underneath your couch cushions and crevices to find lost flashcards. Simply use and stash away in these adorable, functional holders.