Best Facial Tissues For School

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Scotties Everyday Comfort Facial Tissues have 92 tissues per box, so you’ll get 368 tissues per four-pack. The tissues are soft and absorbent and don’t tear easily. They are also hypoallergenic and have no added fragrances. These packs are a good value for stocking up the classroom.

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This pack of four Reeflex tissue canisters is great for cars and classrooms alike since their slim design fits into cup holders or tight spaces. Each canister has 50 two-ply tissues that are soft and durable. Plus, the canister designs are full of bold, colorful patterns, so they look nice, too.

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Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues have a nice texture but are still strong enough that they won’t fall apart when used. They are thick and absorbent compared to many similar options. The tissues don’t have a tendency to leave behind lint or dust particles after use.

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Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues are soft enough to be gentle on the skin, especially on sensitive areas such as the nose and eyes. The tissues will not cause irritation or soreness. The boxes are conveniently sized and shaped for any space. The boxes also feature fun designs that are especially great for classrooms and other similar settings.

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Quilted Northern Three-Ply Ultra Facial Tissue has a silky texture that makes it comfortable when used against the skin. However, being a 3-ply option, it is also stronger than many other similar types of tissue. These tissues remain intact even after heavy nose-blowing or wiping.

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Amazon Brand Solimo Facial Tissues have a nice texture, soft enough to be gentle on the skin yet thick enough that they won’t easily fall apart. The tissues come out of the box easily without getting stuck. They leave little to no lint or dust behind when tissues are pulled from the box.

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As a strong tissue that can hold up to plenty of use, Morcte Soft Four-Ply Facial Tissues are a traveler’s best friend. Because they are travel packs, they’re great for putting in a purse or a diaper bag, or for handing out at a wedding or other special event. They can also be a good option for giving to students in need of tissue in times when they need to remain seated, such as during exams.

Expert Commentary

Everyone needs tissues, but sometimes they are hard to come by, especially when you’re commuting to and from school and other activities. These soft, high-quality tissues are a must to have wherever: purse, car, backpack, locker. They are portable and if they don’t offer travel packs, they are easy to grab a stack and stuff into a bookbag. Always be prepared and never leave the home without tissues. You never know when the next sneeze, spill or sniffle will strike.