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Best Fabric Paint

colorful paints for drawing, rainbow, gouache for creativity

Fabric paint can be used for many craft projects such as decorating school bags, embellishing pillows, making fun T-shirts with custom designs and much more. We’ve explored several different options and made a list of best fabric paints based on factors such as drying time, versatility, durability, its effects on fabric softness and the vibrancy and variety of colors.

Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint colors are washable, making them safe to use on clothing. When used as puffy paint, they will not crack or peel once dry and set. This nontoxic set features paints that are smooth and easy to work with compared to other similar options. The set also comes with three bonus paintbrushes, so you’ll have everything you need to start your project immediately.

FolkArt Brush On Fabric Paint mixes and blends well, making it easy to create different designs. It works on many types of fabrics and will hold up even after multiple trips through the washing machine. This paint is easy to clean off skin and hard surfaces once a painting project is over, too.

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint is a multi-functional option featuring bold colors. The paints work well, even on dark fabrics, and are designed to be brushed, stamped, sponged or stenciled on. They last a long time and are easy to use, even for little hands.

Jacquard Textile Fabric Paint leaves fabric feeling soft after application, with no stiffness. In addition to working well on both synthetic and natural fabrics, this fabric paint can be used on materials such as suede and leather. It can be even mixed with a small amount of water to create translucent effects for painting.

This Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set includes paints in a variety of colors, making it a great option for kids beginning to explore the world of color and pattern as well as professionals exploring technique. The paints in the set are lightfast and dry to a nice, glossy finish. They mix and blend well, allowing for a variety of painting projects.

Expert Commentary

Fabric paints are so much fun for kids — or anyone with an interest in arts and crafts. These selections offer brilliant colors and are high quality. There are countless uses for fabric paint that promise fun for the entire family, and these selections are the best. I personally love to use them for decorating tote bags and T-shirts, and have found that most of these sets work perfectly well for those purposes.

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