Best Fabric Markers

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These markers have rich pigment that’s designed not to fade. The durable tips are bullet-shaped, making them ideal for drawing fine lines and details. Once the ink has air-dried for 24 hours, it is safe to machine wash any project.

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This set includes 30 fabric markers in bright, bold colors that won’t fade away over time. The no-bleed ink is quick to dry and suitable to use on various surfaces. This ink sets after 12-24 hours of drying and a few minutes of ironing the reverse side of a fabric to set your drawings.

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These Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers use rich, pigmented dyes that ensure color retention after the ink is applied to the fabric. The inks are long-lasting and do not fade quickly, even after washing. They work well on a variety of fabrics.

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Best Fabric Markers have bullet-style tips that offer precise control while coloring. The markers dry quickly on fabric and, once dry, the colors are permanent — even if the fabric is machine-washed. The markers do not bleed and work well for creating fine lines and intricate designs.

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These Crayola Fabric Fine Line Markers can be used on both light- and dark-colored cotton or polyester-blend fabrics. Locking in the color is simple, accomplished by simply running the fabric through a dryer cycle. The colors remain vivid even after they have been heat-set.

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These Tulip Fabric Markers dry quickly and permanently without requiring any heat. In addition to being great fabric markers that go on smoothly and evenly, they are also a good option for use on paper or other craft materials. The marker tips do not dry up even after extended use, giving them plenty of longevity for months or even years of fun.

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Creative Joy Permanent Fabric Markers are a dual-tip option, which makes it easy to create a variety of different designs. The fine tip can be used to create detailed and intricate drawings, while the chisel tip is great for filling in large spaces. The markers offer complete saturation and are a good option for use on colored textiles. The caps click securely into place, preventing the markers from drying out when not in use.

Expert Commentary

Let your creativity shine with fabric markers! The vibrant colors come to life on fabrics, and varying tip sizes are great for multiple needs, from thicker or finer lines to color-in spaces. There are even dual-tip options so you can get two products in one. You’ll find so many uses for these — recently, I used them for a baby shower and all the guests had so much fun decorating bibs for the new baby.