Best Extreme Standing Mat for Teachers

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We like that this mat is made from recycled rubber and plastic water bottles. The mat is stain- and tear-resistant, has beveled anti-trip edges, absorbs liquid from spills and is easy to wipe clean.

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We like that the diamond tread surface allows for extra traction and the beveled edge prevents tripping. The surface is easy to clean by simply wiping down and it is resistant to spills.

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This extreme standing mat measures 36 inches wide by 18 inches long and is an inch thick. It’s perfect for workstations because it can handle spills and is self-extinguishing.

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We like that this extreme standing mat has no-curl edges that prevent trip hazards. The high-density polyurethane core construction will maintain its firmness and provide proper support over time.

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The AmazonCommercial extreme standing mat is made from ¾-inch dense foam to reduce fatigue. Maintaining it is a breeze since you can simply wipe it with a wet cloth when it gets dusty.

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The larger extreme standing mat measures 20 by 36 inches while the smaller kneeling mat measures 18 by 22 inches. Both of these mats are ¾-inch thick and have a slip-resistant bottom.

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The GelPro extreme standing mat features a half-inch gel core. We like that the base is non-skid to prevent slipping. The water-resistant properties make this mat easy to clean.

Expert Commentary

As someone who prefers standing desks while working and also spends significant time in the kitchen, these standing mats are the most sensible and useful purchases. I noticed a difference after just using one for a few days and noticed my lower back pain and leg and feet cramps were starting to subside. These mats are a must for anyone who spends time on their feet, especially teachers. Choose the size, thickness and design that best suits your needs.