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These putty erasers are a great choice for art class, where they can help students perfect their work in pencil, pastels and charcoal. They are kneadable, absorbent and large, making them useful for a long time — even for students who are making a lot of corrections to their projects. Although they are designed for art purposes, shapeable erasers are handy in the classroom as well.

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These erasers have a beveled shape that makes them easy to hold and easy to erase with. Mistakes will be erased quickly without smudging, so students won’t get frustrated. These erasers are a simple, basic and well-known product that is great for students of all ages to use at school or at home.

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Kids will not have to work too hard to erase their spelling mistakes with Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Erasers. These are an effective option that can take care of marks without too much rubbing, preventing rips and tears. The block shape makes it easy to remove tiny marks or large areas as needed. Additionally, because they are latex-free, any teacher can get these for their classroom without worrying about potential allergies.

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The soft plastic material of Tombow MONO erasers makes them pliable and easy to use. The addition of a paper sleeve helps prevent damage to the eraser, as well. This option provides effective cleanup of pencil marks, making it great for writing practice as well as art class.

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Paper Mate Arrowhead cap erasers are an easy-to-use option that fits onto any standard pencil. They are latex-free, making them great for use in the classroom as they avoid potential allergic reactions. These are a great choice to keep around during students’ spelling tests or even just while practicing. Each box contains 144 erasers.

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The Prismacolor Magic Rub erasers live up to the brand’s overall reputation as a supplier of art tools. Made of vinyl, these erasers are soft and pliable. Their design makes them easy to hold and they can erase even fine details. They can clean up graphite as well as India ink, making them perfect for use in artistic endeavors — though they certainly hold up for use in the classroom, as well. A box contains 12 erasers.

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Sargent Art’s classic pink erasers are perfect for any classroom. With this massive 36-pack, there are more than enough to take care of all the erasing that happens between spelling tests, geography quizzes and writing assignments. It’s easy to erase pencil marks with this option, and their bright color makes these erasers easy to find as soon as they’re needed.

Expert Commentary

“These high-quality erasers are a must for any household, especially ones with grade-school children. As a mother and homeschool teacher, I have a box full of erasers but have found that the quality really varies, so make sure to check the labels and ensure they are safe and nontoxic.”



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