Best Envelopes

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The classic, rustic brown color and perfect 4-inch-by-6-inch greeting card size make these envelopes a perfect choice for a variety of classroom or homeschool uses. This pack includes 50 envelopes made of high-quality paper.

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These envelopes are ready to be sent with their easy peel-and-stick closure. The security tint protects your documents, and the paper is durable.

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You’ll appreciate that these are a great bulk option with 500 envelopes in each case. The lack of an envelope window gives you an added layer of security. These envelopes are fully recyclable.

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The home crafter will like that this set of envelopes comes with two decorative pens — one each in white and gold — that are perfect for handwritten addresses and notes.

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You’ll like that these envelopes are self-sealing. The 20-pound paper weight means that they can be used in a printer if you don’t like adding addresses by hand.

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We like that these feature a dual-closure design with a metal clasp and a wide-gummed flap for added security. You’ll like that they’re made of durable 28-pound paper and come 100 per box.

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You’ll appreciate that for a wallet-friendly price you still get security. Each box comes with 500 security envelopes, each with a v-shaped closure.

Expert Commentary

Envelopes are essentials and it’s important to have a variety on hand for various occasions. Business envelopes are great for mailing official letters and checks while greeting card envelopes are great for mailing special occasion cards. You can also choose options that include a stick-on seal. Choose the size, material and variety that you need. I recommend having both business envelopes and greeting card envelopes on hand.