Best Elementary School Homeschool Supplies

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The set of 20 posters provides a complete learning experience by covering a wide range of topics, including the alphabet, colors, continents and oceans of the world, opposites, telling time, emotions, numbers and the solar system. Each poster is colorful, helpful and informative.

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Children will have fun coloring as they learn about different parts and functions of the body. With the book’s labeled graphics and informational summaries, students will soon develop a detailed understanding of human biology.

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These elementary school homeschool supplies are essential for use with younger children and can also be used to help build understanding with addition and subtraction.

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With this workbook, children will learn how to write upper and lowercase letters in cursive and even practice number words.

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We like that these pencils are a larger version of the classic No. 2 pencil with a wider diameter so they’re easier for little hands to grip.

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This chart is made of sturdy vinyl and has grommets so that you can hang it. Every day of the week has a pocket so you can update it each month.

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This set of flashcards is color-coded so children will understand what each card represents within the grammatical world.

Expert Commentary

Getting equipped for homeschooling is no small feat! These foundational materials above are a must-have for any household looking to teach at home as a primary or secondary form of learning. From flashcards to educational toys, these are tried-and-true basics to have.