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Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

An electric pencil sharpener surrounded by pencil shavings and a few pencils lying at the bottom, isolated on white background

Pencils and homework go hand in hand when your child is in school. Throughout a child’s educational career, they’ll sharpen countless pencils. But manual pencil sharpeners aren’t the most efficient option, which is why many parents and teachers opt for an electric pencil sharpener. We’ve focused on the best electric pencil sharpeners that are quick and easy to use while also prioritizing safety, large shaving reservoirs and sturdy construction.

The PowerMe sharpener is ideal for home or classroom use because the heavy-duty stainless steel blade sharpens pencils in just three seconds and is rated for up to 3,000 uses. The large shaving reservoir is also easy to remove for quick cleanup. When the reservoir is removed, it triggers an auto-safety feature that prevents the blade from operating.

This is a quiet sharpener that won’t distract students when it is in use. Pencils are sharpened in as little as four seconds. This electric pencil sharpener automatically prevents over-sharpening even if you don’t remove the pencil, and the blade is instantly disabled when the reservoir is removed. Multiple pencils can be sharpened back-to-back without wearing out the motor or overheating the appliance.

This electric pencil sharpener is designed to work with pencils ranging from 6 to 8 millimeters in diameter. Pencils sharpen quickly and the sharpener can even accommodate softer lead types such as colored pencils and charcoals. As is standard, the blade is disabled when the reservoir is removed. The Jarlink sharpener is designed to sharpen up to 3,000 times.

This pencil sharpener also operates quietly, making it ideal for use in either a classroom or even at home. Pencils are sharpened within three to five seconds and this sharpener is compatible with No. 2 pencils and colored pencils. This lightweight option is only 2.3 pounds but features a large reservoir. For safety, the sharpener is disabled when the reservoir is removed.

This electric pencil sharpener comes with a built-in pencil holder to keep your child’s workspace organized. This model is compatible with pencils that are 6 to 8 millimeters in diameter, which includes No. 2 pencils and multiple colored pencils. The sharpener is designed to work up to 3,000 times and also includes the essential safety shut-off feature when the reservoir is removed.

Expert Commentary

If you own a pencil, then you need a pencil sharpener. These electric sharpeners are fast, compact and get the job done. Choose from the size, model and power source — battery or plug-in — that you would like best. Never manually sharpen a pencil again — go electric!

Our Expert Consultant

Emily Watts

Emily Watts is a mother of three (she has two adopted children and one foster child). She also is a licensed teacher with experience educating children in complex life situations. Emily has over seven years of experience in alternative education. She is passionate about children and specializes in helping those who may need a little extra attention or special care.