Best Dry Erase Pocket

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This basic pack of six dry erase pockets is ideal for when you need to replace old ones or stock up to keep extras on hand. The pockets are durable, thanks to their double-stitched edges and have a metal grommet in the upper corner. The pockets measure 10 inches by 14 inches, allowing students to easily fit nearly any worksheet inside the pocket with plenty of room to spare. Dry erase marker ink is easily wiped away using a paper towel or eraser.

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These dry erase pockets come in a pack of five or 10, and each set comes with three markers. The plastic is perfectly clear, and when the marker ink is wiped away, it leaves no smears, smudges or ghosting. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. The stitching on the edges comes in assorted colors and is strong and durable. There is also a metal grommet at the top of the pocket so it can be hung on a wall or strung on a lanyard. These pockets can hold up to 10 sheets of standard letter-sized paper.

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These pockets are oversized to fit any worksheet, and they’re heavy-duty, designed to withstand constant use in the classroom. They come with a wide range of colors in each pack, which only adds to the engagement they offer children. Each dry erase pocket comes with a place to keep the dry erase marker, helping to make things more organized and ensuring that markers are not lost.

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These Clipco pockets are among the best quality options currently available for the classroom. They are a great size, measuring 14 inches by 10.24 inches, so they will accommodate most documents and will be large enough for students to easily work on. Additionally, they feature a convenient holder for a dry erase marker so it won’t get lost. The colors featured with this set are great and can even help with students’ overall color recognition skills.

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The Bonbela dry erase pocket set includes 30 pieces in numerous colors ranging from vivid greens and yellows to light blue and pink, allowing each child to choose their favorite as they set out to work on their assignments. This is a great way to help boost engagement regardless of the subject material. Each dry erase pocket features a stretching marker holder that helps keep a dry erase marker in place and improves classroom organization. Meanwhile, the design of these pockets is perfect for heavy use in a classroom, as the edges are stitched and the pockets are made of a plastic that is easy to wipe clean after every use.

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The SUNEE dry erase pockets are oversized at 10-by-14 inches, so they can easily hold documents of all sizes. Additionally, they are high-quality and feature metal grommets in the corners, as well as neatly double-sewn edges that help them stay intact even after being used time and time again. The plastic material helps them to wipe clean without any smudging or smearing.

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These dry erase pockets were designed by teachers with children’s needs in mind. Among the many things that stand out about these dry erase pockets is their structure, as they are a little firmer and stiffer than others. This means that it is easier to get papers in and out of the pocket. Additionally, rather than the eyelet being placed on the corner of the pocket, it is placed in the center, so children’s work can easily be pinned to a wall for display. The material of these dry erase pockets also makes it easy to clean without any streaks or smudges being left behind.

Expert Commentary

“Dry erase pockets are one of the new trends these days that I wish we’d had when I was growing up. They are convenient, fun and durable. They are also the perfect size for children. The design is appealing to kids, and as a parent, I love minimizing mess and paper — so these were a no-brainer for my household.”