Best Dry Erase Erasers

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These Arteza erasers are perfect to use on whiteboards, lapboards, glass boards and more. The durable, lightweight foam prevents damage to surfaces and the ergonomic design ensures comfort. The strong interior magnets keep the erasers in place and always at hand. The foam is easy to clean — mild soap and warm water will do the trick — and they will dry quickly on a towel, allowing you to use them again and again.

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These shag erasers are soft and durable. The microfiber side easily wipes off the dry erase marker while the shaggy side erases chalk residue. They are small in size and will fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy for children to use and easy to store. The shag erasers are easily washed in soapy water and can be used over and over again, even on other surfaces for household cleaning.

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These dry erase erasers from Impresa Products are perfect for the classroom, as they are durable and can stand up to plenty of use. At 2 inches by 2 inches, they are small enough for a child to use but still fit comfortably in an adult’s hand. The erasers can be used to remove marks from dry erase markers, pens and paint and can also be used on a variety of surfaces. The magnets included in the erasers are strong, allowing you to easily store these erasers on magnetic boards, filing cabinets or other magnetic surfaces.

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These Z Zicome dry erase erasers, which come in four vibrant colors, are made out of a durable material that ensures they can be used for a long while. They also contain magnets on the inside so they can easily be attached to magnetic or metal surfaces for storage. The soft surface of these dry erase erasers also guarantees they do not end up scratching boards when they are used.

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While they may be fairly basic, Expo’s block erasers still offer plenty of value. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including whiteboards, glass, porcelain, melamine and most other non-porous surfaces. They can also be cleaned with soap and water, which helps to keep them in good condition for an extended period of time. They’re available in packs of two, 10 and 12.

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The U Brands Microfiber Shag dry erase eraser offers an alternative to more traditional styles. The rag-like shag design of the eraser helps to quickly and effectively clean up even larger surfaces, with the microfiber material ensuring that no marks are left behind. Additionally, because it is a rag rather than a block-style eraser, it is comfortable to hold. After use, this eraser can be tossed into the washing machine.

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The SIQUK dry erase eraser set is a practical option that makes working on a whiteboard or on individual lapboards a breeze. The erasers contain small magnets, making them easy to store on magnetic surfaces. They can also be quickly cleaned with soap and water. The erasers are available in red, green and blue, and each set also comes with four vibrantly colored dry erase markers.

Expert Commentary

“As a homeschool teacher, dry erase boards are an excellent mode of teaching versus chalkboards that dry out your hands and create a mess. These dry erase erasers create minimal mess and are smooth and durable. The magnetic ones are handy so you don’t lose them, and the microfiber one is great for those looking for a smooth texture that glides over the whiteboard.”