Best Dry Erase Classroom Packs

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If divided evenly, each student could use one whiteboard, three different dry erase markers and one eraser. This set can be purchased in a pack of six or 30, depending on your classroom size and needs. There are enough markers for each student to get one red, one blue and one black marker, so they can follow along with lessons and take efficient notes. The whiteboards are double-sided and measure 9 by 12 inches.

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These whiteboards have a super-smooth writing surface that allows dry erase markers to write easily, erase effortlessly and leave no marks or ghosting behind. Because they’re double-sided, there is plenty of room for any lesson. Each board measures 9 by 12 inches and has rounded corners for safety. These are slim boards, making it easy to store them or for students to take them with them.

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The double-sided design of these dry erase lapboards from Dreamline Products adds to their usefulness in the classroom. These high-quality boards feature a ClearWipe coating that helps keep away smudges and ghosting when the boards are wiped clean. Of note is the comfortable and convenient size, which makes it a great option even for younger children practicing their math, writing and spelling skills. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and older.

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With this dry erase board set of 30 whiteboards, 30 erasers and 30 markers, teachers can engage students more while also reducing the amount of paper used in the classroom. The boards are small enough for younger students to handle while still providing plenty of room to work out math problems or scribble out spelling words. The erasers that come with the set are durable and able to withstand plenty of use. Meanwhile, the included dry erase markers are designed to clean up quickly and easily.

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These dry erase boards from ScribbleDo are crafted with masonite, making them a lightweight option that is easy for even young children to hold and carry. The ruled lines on the boards make them the perfect option for practicing writing skills and trying out new spelling words. In addition to the ruled side, these boards offer a blank surface for practice with math drills, shapes and more.

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This 30-pack dry erase board set from Charles Leonard is a basic, simple option that still provides plenty of value to teachers and caretakers. Among the many benefits of the full classroom set is the inclusion of dry erase markers that have a low odor and are certified non-toxic. The felt-and-foam combination erasers make cleanup a breeze and help kids practice their spelling words or math problems. This option is recommended for children over 3 years old.

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These dry erase boards from Magicfly are double-sided, increasing the many ways they can be used within the classroom. While simple in design, they are quite strong and can hold up to plenty of wear and tear when used by children on a regular basis. The markers include clips to help hold them in place on the board, so you do not have to worry about missing pieces.

Expert Commentary

“These dry erase multipacks are handy and highly transportable. Although they can be used for educational purposes, they also come in very handy for everyday use! I keep a few in the minivan so that I can bring them to dinner or activities where the kids will have downtime and can doodle on the boards. The beauty of these boards is that you can erase and start all over, versus coloring books and paper, which are not reusable. A must for every parent!”



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