Best Dot Markers

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These dot markers have easy-grip barrels for little hands. In addition to having washable ink, the markers are leak-proof, so parents don’t have to worry about a mess. The set comes with a 24-page dot coloring book, which gives kids plenty of ways to explore their creativity with their new marker set.

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The dot markers in this set from Ohuhu are made with water-based ink that’s easy to clean off little one’s hands and other surfaces with just a little bit of soap. The color-coded caps are easy to screw off and keep the markers from drying out, so they can last longer. Each marker contains plenty of ink, so they will not run out for a long while.

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For children getting used to holding markers and other writing utensils, these dot markers are a great option. They have an “easy-grip” feature that helps kids hold on to them, as well as a cap that is simple to twist off. The tips of these dot markers won’t dry out easily and are especially strong. They can hold up to plenty of dabbing and doodling as kids over the age of 3 experiment with them.

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These dot markers will not leak, and the paint inside is nontoxic, making them a safe option for small children to use. The eight colors are highly pigmented and include basic options such as brown and red. They also include boldcolors such as vibrant magenta and violet. The sponge tip applicator won’t easily dry out while the cap is off. When you order these dot markers, you receive downloadable activity pages and activity books to help engage your kids and teach them how to use their new coloring tools. These markers are ideal for children over the age of 2.

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These dot markers come in generous 2.5-ounce bottles and containmore paint than most other options on the market. This allows kids to use them for long periods of time without running out. Children who are sensitive to allergens like latex can still use these dot markers because they are free of these ingredients. The bottles are easy for little hands to grip and help children build fine motor skills. These dot markers are especially good for layering with different colors.

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With this set, children over the age of 4 can easily learn color basics. It features eight basic colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. This will allow children to unleash their creativity while practicing new concepts such as color blending and layering. The larger size makes them ideal for little ones, as they can easily hold onto the dot marker and improve their fine motor skills. Meanwhile, the water-based paint is easy to wipe off whether it gets on skin or other surfaces.

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With 10 colors to choose from, these dot markers and activity book will keep your child entertained for hours. The markers do not easily dry out while in storage, so kids can enjoy playing with them for a long while. Additionally, the quick-drying ink prevents the dot markers from bleeding through. The nontoxic paint is safe for kids, plus it’s water-based, making for quick and easy clean-up. The set also comes with a fun activity book, giving kids plenty of ways to play with their dot markers. Choose this option for kids over the age of 2.

Expert Commentary
“Dot markers are my favorite alternative to crayons. In all of our selections, the clean-up after using the products will delight a mother or caregiver, and that is how I came to love these products. The pressure needed to create a splash of color may be more of a challenge for very young children.”