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This is a great set for dinosaur enthusiasts who love to play with dinos. Each figure in this set has movable jaws, legs, joints, necks or tails for realistic movements that can adapt to whatever story your child is trying to tell. There is a wide range of dinosaurs included, so your child’s favorite is likely to be part of the group of 18. It also includes rocks and dino eggs to really set the scene and let your kid’s imagination run wild. It’s appropriate for kids 3 and older.

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This set of dinosaurs includes two Tyrannosaurus rexes, one Brachiosaurus, one Triceratops and one Velociraptor. They measure up to 13 inches tall and have super-realistic features and coloring. The Tyrannosaurus rex even has a movable jaw for extra fun. This five-pack is a great starter kit or addition to existing dinosaur collections. It’s recommended for kids 3 and older.

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These dinos are detailed and distinctively colored, sparking children’s creativity as they engage in pretend play. Perhaps the most notable thing about the Boley five-piece set is its size. The large dinosaur toys in this set are molded of durable plastic, and because they are so large, they are both easy to keep track of and aren’t a swallowing hazard. They are made of soft and squeezable nontoxic plastic, and each dinosaur comes in an exciting “action” pose for added fearsomeness. The toys are recommended for children 3 and up.

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Kids who might be a little scared by more realistic dinos will love this four-pack of wheeled toys from 3 Bees & Me. It features cute, kid-friendly versions of dinosaurs such as the triceratops and T. rex. Each comes in a different vivid hue, which offers added value as it can help with teaching children skills in color recognition. You can “rev up” the toys with a few forward and backward motions, then watch them race around the floor. Their wheeled design also helps develop children’s motor skills during playtime. This set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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The PrexTex dinosaur pack contains a wide assortment of dinosaur toys, with 12 different dinos available in each set. One of the great things about this set is that in addition to some of the more popular dinosaurs, other lesser-known ones (like monoclonius and baryonyx) are included. That makes this a great option for the child who already knows some of the basics about dinosaurs and is ready to learn even more. As a bonus, you get a full-color book that includes interesting facts about each dinosaur in the set. The figures are each about 7inches tall, which means they won’t be a choking hazard to younger kids. This option is recommended for children ages 2 and up.

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The amazing design of Boley dinosaur toys stands out. These models are incredibly realistic yet colorful, featuring details such as textured scales, skin and teeth that make them even more exciting for little ones. At up to 9 inches tall, they are a good size even for small hands. As a bonus, the name of each dinosaur is printed on the belly of each beast. This provides even more educational value since kids can easily identify each creature (with some help from a reader). This set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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What dino-loving kid hasn’t asked for a dinosaur-themed birthday party? With this 72-piece pack (featuring three each of 24 unique creatures), there are enough dinos for multiple children to play with, making them perfect as party favors or for use in the classroom. These dinos are incredibly colorful and feature many different types from the T. rex to the pterodactyl and the lesser-known tanystropheus. Made with high-quality plastic, these small, solidly-built dinos are 2.5 inches tall. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Expert Commentary

“These multi-purpose dinosaurs are a must for any household. I’ve used them for party favors and gifts, decorations for a birthday party and just good old fun for the kids wherever they are. I leave a set of dinosaurs in my minivan so that the kids can access them for imaginative play.”



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