Best Dinosaur Books

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With colored illustrations and short, quick facts, kids will be easily entertained and occupied by this dinosaur book. The text is not too much to scare away beginner readers, and the illustrations provide a great visual of each dino. This book is simple yet informative and is packed full of a variety of dinosaurs, ensuring that your child will learn plenty and will enjoy reading and learning.

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This is a fantastic book for dinosaur lovers, as it includes 12 dinosaur figures that correspond to the dinosaurs covered in the book. As kids read about each one, they can hold and examine the dinosaur model as well as play the dino’s sound from the soundboard and speaker on the side of the book. This immersive experience is sure to get kids excited about reading and learning about dinosaurs. Each page of the book has colorful full-page illustrations that detail each dinosaur’s name pronunciation, diet type and fun facts. This book is best for kids 36 months to 8 years old.

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This comprehensive book highlights some of the most popular and well-known dinosaurs, while also including newer discoveries like the Anzu and Yi, allowing kids to understand that paleontologists are still making new discoveries. Beginners can become knowledgeable about how dinosaurs lived, their diets and the timeframe during which they lived and died. Over 600 dinosaurs are included in the book, keeping kids interested and constantly learning something new. It’s well organized, making it easy for readers to find specific dinosaurs while also discovering new vocabulary words. The pronunciations of the various dinosaur names are provided to ensure kids can practice saying them correctly. Because the content is broken up, it allows children to retain facts more easily and avoid feeling overwhelmed. This book is recommended for children ages 7 to 10.

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This dino book is ideal for kids ages 3 and up thanks to its simple concepts, which are easy for young learners to understand. Due to the compact size of the book, children can flip through the pages on their own. The oversized, detailed images on each page make this an eye-catching and engaging read for little ones. They’ll be mesmerized by the variety of dinosaurs featured. The book is an easy read, with short paragraphs and a large font size. Kids will learn how to pronounce the names of each dinosaur without hesitation. They will also see how each dinosaur compares in size to humans, buses and cars. This book is filled with fascinating facts that are sure to engage little ones.

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“National Geographic Little Kids First Book of Dinosaurs” highlights specific facts about each dinosaur, allowing kids to develop clear pictures of them in their minds. For example, kids will learn that the Psittacosaurus had a parrot beak in place of front teeth and that the Yangchuanosaurus was scary to other dinosaurs because of how powerful it was. In addition to short, informational paragraphs, each page also includes a small chart containing facts about size, diet and time period in which the dinosaur lived. This book is perfect for everyone from curious toddlers to older kids who can continue to use the book as a reference guide for school projects. The thick, glossy pages are easy for little hands to flip through without bending or wearing down. It’s written for children ages 4 to 8.

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“The Dinosaur Book” provides extremely detailed information about dinosaurs to its young readers. Kids can view spectacular photographs of fossilized bones as they read about the latest scientific discoveries in the field of paleontology. Digital reproductions of prehistoric creatures accompany a wealth of facts about how they lived. Pre-dinosaurs to ice-age animals are reviewed, and the book includes recent discoveries like the idea some scientists posit that the Tyrannosaurus-rex had feathers. Whether reading it for the first or the hundredth time, kids can continue to learn new facts. The information is condensed and written to promote independent reading. It’s written for 7- to 12-year-olds.

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“Smithsonian Kids: Digging for Dinosaurs” is a great read for preschoolers with its colorful illustrations and real-life photos. Children will feel like they’re on a journey to a prehistoric world where volcanoes are erupting and dinosaurs are hunting. Readers won’t become overwhelmed by the information in the book, which is clearly organized. The movable illustrations allow dinosaurs to come to life. Kids can even discover uncommon dinosaur names and unique facts that aren’t included in most dinosaur books. This interactive book allows kids to remain invested in what they’re learning without becoming overwhelmed. This book is ideal for children up to 5 years old.

Expert Commentary

“Perhaps no creature in nature captures the imagination and interest of children like the dinosaurs. I have found using dinosaurs carefully at certain times throughout the day is an ideal method to keep young children engaged in reading and writing. These books can stir the imagination and truly help children learn and grow as students.”



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