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Best Diary For Kids

A Girl writing is diary in bed

A diary or journal is a great way for someone of any age to record their deepest thoughts or simply write down the events of their day. This provides many benefits. In addition to being a great relaxation tool, writing in a diary is a stress-free way to practice all aspects of writing from improving your penmanship to using new spelling and vocabulary words. We’ve looked at several diaries and made a list of our favorites based on factors such as the diary’s size, security and durability.

The Tree of Life Refillable Writing Journal stands out with the quality of its stylish cover, which is made of synthetic leather and embossed with a tree of life design. It comes with a strong magnetic clasp to keep it closed when on the go and a convenient pen holder to keep your writing tool close at hand. It is easy to get refills when needed, and both lined and unlined refills are available.

The Komal’s Passion Leather Embossed Notebook offers plenty of room for writing and drawing with 220 unlined pages of eco-friendly, recycled paper. The paper is thick and sturdy, making it great even for painting or other more intensive projects. The diary stays closed even while traveling with the addition of a neat and stylish metal clasp.

The EvZ Classic Leatherbound Diary has a stylish look with attractive accents on the cover, including leather binding and decorative keys. The diary’s 5-inch size makes it suitable for stashing away in a backpack or purse for on-the-go use. The paper is a nice thickness that prevents bleeding even when heavier ink and marker is applied.

The CAGIE Leather Locking Journal is subdued but still stylish with many color options available. All options feature attractive floral accents. The diary is stitched together rather than glued, making it a more durable option. The cover is hard but padded, providing added stability while writing or drawing.

The JunShop Refillable Leather Journal has a binder notebook design, making it easy to insert and remove pages as necessary. The notebook includes inner pockets that provide additional storage space for everything from extra paper to souvenirs like ticket stubs. A pen holder is also included inside the notebook for added convenience.

Expert Commentary

Some of the most creative ideas and thoughts have come from diaries. I remember my childhood diaries and how fun they were to go back and read years later. Diaries are great for any age, and I’d encourage parents to acquaint their children when they’re young. Despite the digital age and shifts from diaries to blogging, there is still character and specialty in owning a hardcover diary that no computer can quite replace. These beautiful designs above will delight anyone and are high-quality so you can save your memories for years and years to come.

Our Expert Consultant

Kelsey Daubenmier

Kelsey Daubenmier is a licensed primary school teacher with over 10 years of experience in primary education. Kelsey thoughtfully balances the demands of raising four children with the never-ending stack of papers to grade and lesson plans to prepare. In the last decade, Kelsey has gained experiences educating children as young as 5 and as old as 11. She is passionate about bringing the best possible baby and children’s products to you and your loved ones.