Best Desktop Trays for Organization

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This desk organizer has a three-tier paper tray and two vertical file shelves, so it can hold plenty of A4 paper. It measures 12.5 inches wide, 11.5 inches deep and 9.6 inches tall.

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This space-saving desk organizer can comfortably fit A4 paper in any of its slots. The top tier is a great place to store handy office supplies like sticky notes, paper clips or a stapler while your papers are organized in the other trays and vertical slots.

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This desktop tray is designed to accommodate A4 paper and is also free-standing. Assembly is quick and easy with no tools required. It measures 13 inches wide.

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This desktop tray is made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic. The ribbed base in each tray helps to keep papers from sticking to the bottom of the tray.

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The sleek design of this desktop tray makes it ideal for home desks. When fully assembled, this option measures 13.25 inches long, 10.75 inches wide and 10.25 inches tall. Each tray is deep enough to accommodate notebooks.

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The desktop tray can be assembled without the need for tools. You can choose between a bright multicolor design or an understated gray style.

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The addition of a small organizing tray on top makes this desktop tray perfect for school or home use. The trays screw into each other for added stability.

Expert Commentary

These trays are strong, easy to put together and have a simple and sleek look for any desktop. Save space and time by having what you need at your fingertips. Choose the design that best suits your aesthetic and needs, whether you are organizing a few pieces of paper and pens, or an entire desktop of school supplies.