Best Desk Pad Calendars to Stay on Track

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Each day in this calendar includes lines for writing in commitments or birthdays, and major holidays are noted as well. The paper is high-quality, providing you with a bright white writing space for each month. It is specifically made for the academic year, making it ideal for use in the classroom.

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Each day block is unruled, but there is a ruled notes section on the side of each month. Depending on your space, there are a few size options so you can choose the best one for your desk or wall.

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You’ll appreciate the light floral designs for each month of the year. We also like that desk pad calendar measures 11 by 17 inches, can be hung on the wall and has unlined spaces for each day.

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This desk pad calendar covers 18 months from January 2021 to June 2022. It also lists the days that have elapsed for the calendar year as well as outlining upcoming observed holidays.

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This At-A-Glance desk pad calendar is a 12-month 2021 calendar. Each square comes with lined spaces to help you keep track of important items.

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You’ll get 18 months of coverage with this desk pad calendar that spans January to December. It also includes U.S. holidays and daylight saving times.

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This bold desk pad calendar can be hung on the wall, too, giving you added versatility. Measuring 16 by 21 inches, this desk pad calendar is the perfect size without taking up too much desk space.

Expert Commentary

These desk pad calendars are great for teachers, families, administrative professionals and anyone who values staying organized and remembering what day it is. Never forget an appointment or deadline again with these handy calendars that fit perfectly on a desk or wall. Some versions are even designed specifically for the school year so your children can keep their studies and activities on track.