Best Decorative Tape for Personalization

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This set of glitter tape is perfect for projects, crafts or personalizing items. Out of the 30 rolls, 20 are patterned and 10 are solid colors, giving you plenty of variety and visual interest.

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All of the rolls of tape measure the same: 15 millimeters wide and three meters long. The tape is sticky on nearly any surface, from computers to walls to pencils, but won’t leave unwanted residue.

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Each roll of decorative tape in this six-pack measures an inch wide and contains 13 yards of tape. You’ll like that it’s easy to stick and tear, and can be repositioned with no issues.

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This 48-roll set comes with 16 foil print rolls and 32 rolls of regular decorative tape. All rolls are 5 meters long. Use it to customize your child’s school gear or create fun decorations in their room.

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This decorative tape measures 1.88 inches wide and comes with 10 yards on the roll. While it can’t be used on hardwood, this tape can be used on fabric, vinyl, plastic, metal, leather and laminate.

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Choose from a wide array of colorful designs with this decorative tape. It comes exactly as pictured and is designed to be torn by hand and repositioned without losing adhesion.

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This decorative tape is gentle on surfaces but is also easy to peel, stick and remove. You’ll love the bright colors and unique designs that are great for crafting and having around the classroom.

Expert Commentary

Why choose plain masking tape when you can opt for these beautiful designs? These tapes come in a variety of designs, colors and durability — so choose the option that best suits you. Next time you start a project or wrap a gift, use these tape designs. Personally, I like the duct tape option as that is very durable.