Best Cute USB Animal Wall Charge Covers

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This is a wonderful themed set of animal cord covers to help incentivize children to protect their charger cables. The covers are made of flexible silicone and while they are compatible with many chargers, they are specifically made for Apple products.

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In this complete set, you get big and small animal cord covers, a spiral protecting rope, a silicone cord organizer and a storage bag. These are perfect for Apple chargers.

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Let your child choose from 13 colorful decal designs. Application is easy since all you have to do is remove the sticker from its backing and apply it to your child’s cable or plug.

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This cable features a protective and decorative unicorn cover at the 8-pin connection, meaning it’s best suited for use with newer Apple gear going back to the iPhone 5 SE or iPad 2.

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Each set comes with a cord and plug cover. This pick is compatible with iPhone cables as the covers are designed specifically for the 8-pin connection.

Expert Commentary

With an increasing number of devices owned by you and your family, your family likely has lots of wall chargers handy. Why not jazz them up with these adorably printed covers? Now, you don’t have to argue over who stole whose wall charger because you can choose a unique design for yourself and each member of your family.