Best Crystal Kits

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This set includes all the materials needed to create hedgehogs in four colors — blue, yellow, red and green — that sparkle and shine. The crystals start to form in just 24 hours, so kids won’t have to wait long, and the whole process takes about seven days. Children will be able to watch their crystal creations grow in water and will be able to track their progress. This crystal growing kit was designed for children ages 8 and up.

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Children will be so proud to display their own crystals in a display box that they painted themselves. This kit includes all that is needed to paint the display box and conduct experiments to create 10 unique crystal formations. Children will learn about different types of crystals, as this kit includes instructions to create three varieties. The instructions are easy to follow thanks to the large photos, but there are also online videos for extra guidance. This kit is best for children 8 and older.

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The 4M Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit is a terrific option for teaching children about the science behind crystal formation. It includes the compounds and mixtures needed for the formation of seven crystals as well as stirring supplies and instructions. With the kit, children can create beautiful, eye-catching crystals in seven different colors. As an addition to the kit, there is a fact sheet that helps to teach children more about crystal formation and growth. This kit is recommended for children ages 10 and older.

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The Dan&Darci Light-up Crystal Growing Kit for Kids is a great introduction to the world of crystallography. It includes the powders and starters needed for mixing and growing crystals as well as growing cups, tweezers and stirrers. Additionally, the kit comes with a light-up display stand that can transform the crystals into an attractive night-light once they are grown. The instruction booklet that comes with the kit is easy to read and understand. This option is ideal for children ages 8 and older.

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The Devalitable Crystal Growing Geodes Science Experiment Kit is perfect for teaching children more about the world of geology. It includes everything needed to grow five crystals in bright and vivid colors. Additionally, it comes with everything needed to conduct an experiment on a geode and to learn more about these natural rock formations. The eight-page guide contains detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. This kit is recommended for children ages 14 and older.

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The National Geographic Crystal Growing Kit is an exceptionally high-quality option that can be used to create beautiful crystals in vivid shades of blue, purple and green. The kit includes everything necessary to create the crystals, including the seed rocks and crystal powder. The kit also contains a beautifully crafted display with LED lighting on which children can showcase their crystals once they are grown. As a bonus, a geode, green fluorite and blue calcite come with the set to help children start their own crystal collections. This crystal kit is recommended for children ages 8 and older.

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The Be Amazing! Toys DIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit is a wonderful option for getting children excited about the science of geology and crystals. The kit comes with all the materials needed to grow four brilliantly colored crystals, from crystal seeds and colored sand to growing cups, stirrers and tweezers. Additionally, the kit comes with a large light-up display dome in which all the crystals can be displayed together. This display dome is run on battery power so it does not need to be plugged in. This crystal kit is recommended for children ages 10 and older.

Expert Commentary

“These kits are beautiful and bound to mesmerize your kids! I love the vibrant colors provided in most of these kits and the fact that these are so much fun, blending art and science together. When the experiments are complete, kids are able to display their creations and show them off. These kits are something kids will be proud of during and afterward.”



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