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Best Crossword Puzzle Book

Crossword puzzles are a great way to engage and stimulate the brain. Crossword puzzle books allow your youngest learners to get into this popular brain-building activity and to take them with them wherever they are, whether it’s relaxing at home or puzzling along their ride to school. They’re great ways to reinforce spelling skills and engage in critical thinking. We’ve made this list based on factors ranging from the physical design of the books to the difficulty level of the puzzles inside.

Top Pick

This book is a great introduction to crossword puzzles, with clues that most kids will be able to figure out on their own. The puzzles can be a fun activity to do as a family or for kids to do with siblings or friends. “Crosswords for Kids” is a great choice for kids ages 8 to12.

This introductory crossword book is great for helping kids recognize different vowel sounds, synonyms and other English essentials, all while developing their critical thinking skills. It’s small enough to fit into a purse or backpack, making it great for road trips, and is appropriate for beginning puzzlers ages 6 to 8.

This crossword puzzle book for kids ages 5 to 7 has 101 puzzles broken into three difficulty levels so that kids can get more of a challenge the further they get into the book. The earlier puzzles include illustrations as the clues, so even kids who have yet to grasp reading can start to learn about the crossword process and practice their spelling skills.

These puzzles are great brain teasers for tweens or kids who have great researching skills. The somewhat challenging clues may require adult help or a quick search, so this pick is great for kids 10 and up.

A great pick for kids 10 and older, “Crossword Puzzles for Clever Kids” has a variety of clues and topics that are sure to stretch your child’s thinking. Younger kids may enjoy completing the puzzles with a bit of help from you, while older kids will feel the reward that comes with figuring out a tricky clue.

Expert Commentary

I love all these crossword puzzle options! I especially like the sheer volume of puzzles and variety offered in these books. They are wonderful to have around and a great way to stay engaged and stimulate your mind. I encourage you to have these handy for any downtime between kids’ soccer games and activities. They also help adults and kids minimize screen time and use time productively.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.