Best Crosscut Shredder

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This shredder has one of the quietest motors with a low 62-decibel noise output, so you won’t disturb students if you’re shredding in the classroom. You can also cut credit cards and CDs with this shredder. The wastebasket holds six gallons.

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Smart-Touch technology automatically stops the cutting blades when hands are detected at the paper opening, making this shredder a great pick for classrooms. You can also insert up to 18 sheets of paper at the same time with no issues.

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This model comes with an LED indicator when it’s overheating and will automatically shut off. You’ll get a P-4 level of security and the wastebasket holds up to 3.9 gallons when full.

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The wastebasket holds up to six gallons. This shredder comes with optional casters to create a mobile solution for your disposal needs. You’ll also get an LED indicator to signal overheating.

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You can shred 10 sheets of paper at once, and anti-jamming technology prevents the blades from moving when too much paper has been inserted into the shredder.

Expert Commentary

Every household, office or classroom would benefit from having a high-quality paper shredder to protect their most sensitive documents. With identity theft rampant these days, it’s especially important to guard your items with security. These shredders are the best on the market and are designed to shred even more effectively than the typical shredder so that you don’t have to worry about anyone putting together the pieces. To guide your decision, choose the size that best suits your space and consider how frequently you would be using this item.