Best Crayons for Toddlers

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These crayons feature a plastic covering and twistable design to help keep hands clean and prevent crayon breakage. When the tip runs low, simply twist to raise the rest of the crayon. There are six colors: purple, blue, yellow, green, red and black. The pigment is full and the crayons glide smoothly, so children can color on practically any surface — even the bathtub. If they make a mess in an unwanted area, the pigment is easily washable with soap and water.

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These egg crayons are designed for toddlers to grip in their palms, making the crayons easier for them to control. There are nine colors in this package, and each egg is solid, so it will last a long time without breaking. The pigment writes well on paper, won’t stain children’s hands and is washable.

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The Lebze Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers set features 16 beautifully colored crayons in a larger size that not only makes them easier for small hands to hold but also helps prevent breakage. Additionally, they offer a smooth writing experience.

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GiBot Toddlers Palm-Grip Crayons feature 12 basic colors and are useful for teaching children basic color recognition as they write, draw and fill in coloring books. These crayons are washable with just a bit of hand soap. Additionally, the crayons have a hole running through them, allowing children to stack them like building blocks.

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Crayola Large Washable Crayons come in two packs of eight. These crayons are easily washable and can be cleaned off most surfaces with just a bit of warm water and a sponge. Their larger size is also a great benefit as it makes them easy for smaller hands to hold. The quality of the Crayola brand is evident in these crayons as they write smoothly.

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Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons are a safe option for children. Each box comes with 12 crayons featuring unique, eye-catching colors. The crayons are thick, making them easy for little hands to hold, as well as strong and difficult to break. As an added bonus, because they are made from natural beeswax, they have a delightful smell reminiscent of honey that children are sure to love.

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The shape of Melissa & Doug Jumbo Triangular Crayons is great for helping children build their fine motor skills and keeps the crayons from rolling away. This box of crayons comes with 10 beautiful colors, and the case itself has a handy flip-top that makes getting the crayons in and out simple. The crayons are made of plastic rather than wax, which not only helps prevent breakage but makes for easier clean-up.

Expert Commentary

“These starter crayons are great for toddlers getting their first set. They are designed with your toddler in mind, knowing they’re still mastering grip and learning how to draw. These crayons are high quality and some are even washable. Make sure to get these for your pre-K children so they can master basic crayons before graduating up to classic crayons one day.”



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