Best Crayons for Preschoolers

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These crayons are triangular, which makes them easy for preschoolers to grip and use. The shape also means they won’t roll off a table or desk. These crayons have a great pigment that colors well onto paper so your little artist can make fantastic drawings, and the colors match those of various ‘Sesame Street’ characters, such as Big Bird Yellow and Oscar the Grouch Green. There is no need to worry about staining clothing, though, because these crayons are washable.

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Not only are these crayons easier for toddlers to hold, but they’re nearly impossible to break, cutting down on frustration and mess. This set includes a dozen bright colors that kids will love to use, and the crayons have a nice honey scent to them. The crayons have a great, lasting pigment to them and work well on a variety of surfaces. They are recommended for kids 12 months and older.

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Kids aren’t known for being organized, but this large set from Crayola can help make clean-up after an art session just a little easier. The set comes with a caddy that helps keep the crayons in order, making it simple to find just the right color. One of the things we love about such a large set is it’s a great way to teach kids more unique color names, helping improve their reading and spelling skills. You’ll be amazed when your preschooler knows the difference between chartreuse and viridian! The double-wrapped design of these crayons also helps make them stronger and more durable. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and older.

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This fun pack of crayons is perfect for travel. It comes with 24 bright and beautiful colors kids are sure to love. Everything is stored away in a strong and durable case that can stand up to plenty of roughhousing. The crayons are made with quality beeswax, making them incredibly safe. Additionally, they are triangular-shaped for easier gripping, something that can help improve fine motor function; kids can use them for extended periods of time compared to other options. These crayons are recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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Jumbo crayons are perfect for younger preschoolers in need of an option that is easy to hold and not as prone to breaking as thinner crayons. This pack o fits the bill, with 16 jumbo-sized crayons in vibrant colors that can withstand plenty of use. They are made with quality ingredients so their hues look great on the page and they are safe for the little ones using them. Additionally, the sturdy design of the storage container keeps the crayons safe during transit as well as when stored in the classroom or playroom. This set of crayons is recommended for children ages 3 and older.

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NOYO gel crayons are an especially great option as their formula makes them brighter and more blendable than other brands. By adding a little water, kids can even create a unique watercolor effect. These vibrantly-pigmented crayons work just as well on darker paper as on standard white paper, helping kids create an even greater range of masterpieces. They are also easily washable when used as paint. With NOYO gel crayons, kids can twist the end to get more color — no sharpening is required! Meanwhile, the top of the crayon stays protected with a cap when not in use. These crayons are recommended for children 3 and up.

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These crayons are brightly colored, great for any creative child, and come in a flip-top case that allows for easy storage. A great design means they’re easy to hold and difficult to lose; the plastic construction and triangular shape also mean they’re harder to break. They are a great choice for children ages 3 to 6.

Expert Commentary

“Crayons are a staple of childhood. Crayons are usually what a child uses to make their first masterpiece (hopefully on paper, not on white walls). These crayons are the best choices for parents who care about safety, quality, portability and, of course, making your child happy. I love the vibrant colors and the cases that some of these sets come in. My children love all the above sets; who said you need to choose just one?”