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Best Craft Sets for Toddlers

Kids draw and make crafts. Children with educational toys and school supplies for creativity. Background for preschool and kindergarten or art classes. Boy and girl play at home or daycare

When it comes to children’s crafts, the benefits for growth and development are endless. Working with various materials and supplies allows kids to increase dexterity, improve motor skills and better express themselves. Here are a few of the top craft sets for toddlers, which we picked due to their creative designs and overall value.

Best Value

Alex Discover My Giant Busy Box Craft Kit Kids Art and Craft Activity (Toy)

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This craft box can be enjoyed in multiple sittings due to the numerous activities provided. The set includes buttons, feathers, flowers, boards, frames, stickers, tissue, crayons, dough and a glue stick. The possible creations are endless, allowing kids to expand their imaginations and develop a love of creativity. A minimal amount of parental supervision is required. The different types of animals your toddler can make will also expand their knowledge of various wildlife. Everything comes in a durable box to ensure the materials stay organized and are easy to access.

This craft set helps toddlers develop their color recognition skills with the 13 high-quality markers provided. The markers are nontoxic and leak-proof, making them safe and mess-free for young children. Parents can also have peace of mind knowing the markers are washable and dry quickly. Additionally, the ink is easy to wipe off if it gets onto various surfaces. The variety of colors makes it fun for kids to pick their favorite shade before getting started. Toddlers can learn how to play bingo, trace numbers and color animals. The 121 activity sheets included in the set allow kids to have hours of entertainment and stay busy. Once the activities are completed, parents can download additional PDF activities provided by the manufacturer.

Kids will enjoy coloring with real markers while parents will feel at ease knowing there isn’t any colored ink in the set. This kit includes a 24-page coloring book and five invisible markers to promote self-expression and creativity in toddlers. It makes for a practical activity for young children who are learning how to use writing utensils. Stamps are also included to help kids learn how to apply a specific amount of pressure onto the paper. The convenient carrying case is constructed with durable plastic to keep the materials organized for future use. The paper included in the coloring book is extremely thick and sturdy. It doesn’t tear easily, allowing toddlers to use extra force and pressure. Once the ink appears on the paper, it doesn’t bleed through onto the other sheets.

Easiest Craft

ALEX Discover Ready, Set, Paste (Toy)

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The jumbo size glue stick included in this kit is easy for toddlers to hold in their hands as they glue pieces of paper together. As an activity recommended for children ages 4 and up, the crafts are easy to learn and grasp. There are a variety of objects to create, including frames, paper animals and more. Children will strengthen their motor skills as they become exposed to various types of materials. Kids can also learn how to follow instructions and develop more patience while working through each activity. They can prepare for preschool and kindergarten as they learn how to develop new skills and boost their imagination. There are 16 different projects included in the set, allowing children to use the crafts over time.

Most Imaginative

Alex Discover Paper Bag Puppets Kids Art and Craft Activity (Toy)

List Price: $12.00 USD
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Paper bags come to life with the ALEX Discover Paper Bag Puppets. This craft is recommended for children ages 3 and up. Its simplicity makes it age-appropriate and doable for toddlers. Each puppet is bagged separately. Kids will have fun decorating each bag with the 270 stickers and paper shapes included. The glue stick allows everything to be easily pasted together without creating a mess. Because the activity isn’t overly complicated, it instills independence in small children and doesn’t require a lot of adult supervision. The bags are also brightly colored, ensuring kids will be intrigued by their appearance. Once the five puppets are completed, kids can play pretend with their friends and siblings.

Expert Commentary

“Getting your child involved in arts and crafts at an early age is great for so many things. From fine motor skills to development of imagination, your child will revel in these activities. I have found my students asking for these activities again and again. It is hard to keep this demographic engaged for long periods of time but these activities can keep toddlers engaged from minutes to hours.”

Our Expert Consultant

Emily Lehman

Emily Lehman is a licensed teacher, nonprofit youth coordinator and mother of two young girls. Emily understands how to make learning fun and is a pro at engaging children in the classroom. She also learns constantly in her own experience raising children. When she isn’t teaching or raising her daughters, she is taking care of her horses and family farm.