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Best Craft Sets for 9-Year-Olds


By age 9, most kids are interested in trying different crafts and expressing their creativity. Craft sets are easy to find but vary in quality. Here, we recommend craft sets that help kids develop their artistic and motor skills.

This kit comes with everything your child needs to paint and put together a small, brightly colored wind chime. The instructions are detailed enough that children will be able to assemble their wind chime with a bit of help after painting the pots. The kit makes a great gift for any budding artist to make and hang at home, or they can give the finished product to a friend or family member as a thoughtful gift. This craft kit is recommended for kids over the age of 8.

Made for children ages 7 to 12, the CraftLab Woodland Friends Sewing Kit includes five sewing needles, nontoxic fabric glue, stuffing, 40 straight pins, scissors, a pincushion and six colors of embroidery thread plus easy-to-follow instructions. The thoughtful design and functionality of the sewing kit allows children to get hours of use out of it and become capable of taking on more challenging sewing projects in the future. All of the materials are conveniently stored in a durable carrying case, and kids will surely enjoy admiring or gifting their completed creations.

These tiles measure 2 inches by 2 inches, providing kids with a blank canvas for painting. Six different colors are included with the paint set. They can be used at birthday parties as a fun and creative activity or painted at home and given to grandparents or relatives as personalized gifts. The paint is easy to apply onto the tiles and dries quickly to avoid messes. The thick texture of the paint and its pigmentation prevents children from having to apply multiple coats. Sharpies can also be used to draw on the tiles. Meanwhile, the magnets attach easily to the back of each tile, adequately supporting their weight. This kit is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

This ESSENSON Slime Kit allows children over the age of 6 to improve their motor skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination. Kids will enjoy customizing the slime by adding different shades of glitter, beads or small toys, all of which are included in the kit. Children can also enhance their creativity with the kit’s modeling clay, which comes in three different colors. The clay air dries and doesn’t need to be baked. An additional benefit is that the materials stick are washable and won’t stick to surfaces, ensuring the mess will be contained.

This craft allows children to find and customize rocks, which can make for memorable gifts or be placed throughout the community to spread kindness. The high-quality, fast-drying paint is visible and vibrant once it’s applied to the rock. The paint is also weatherproof to ensure the painted picture stays intact when it’s exposed to the elements and has a glossy finish. Stickers and designs can also be transferred onto the rocks. From rainbows to funny faces, the rocks can be transformed according to the child’s hobbies and passions.

Expert Commentary

“As a parent, slime all over my kitchen makes me cringe… but it’s all in the spirit of learning and fun! These activities range from easy to more advanced, and will provide many hours of stimulation for your child and their friends. Also, painting is a great indoor activity in cold weather and outdoor activity in warm weather!”

Our Expert Consultant

Emily Watts

Emily Watts is a mother of three (she has two adopted children and one foster child). She also is a licensed teacher with experience educating children in complex life situations. Emily has over seven years of experience in alternative education. She is passionate about children and specializes in helping those who may need a little extra attention or special care.