Best Craft Sets for 8-year-olds

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The Magnetic Mini Tile Art craft set is a fun activity for children 8 and older. The kit includes 10 blank 2-by-2-inch tiles that can be decorated any way, a set of six paints — with white, black, blue, yellow, pink and navy colors — with a brush and 10 magnets. Kids will love to see their creative work displayed on the fridge, and you can use it to hold up a report card or another work of art they’re proud of. This painting kit is a wonderful way for children to explore their creativity in a unique way.

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The ALEX Toys DIY Charm Bracelet Set is a fun way for children to express their creativity and wear it, too. The set allows children to create two bracelets, so this is the perfect craft project to do with a sibling or a friend. Instead of using normal beads, the kit has a unique bead maker that allows kids to create their very own custom designs using clay. There are five clay colors in the kit, and they can be combined and made into infinite color combinations and patterns. In addition to the custom beads, there are eight dangling charms and eight silver beads. This craft set has easy instructions and is recommended for children 8 and older.

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The Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit includes 33 LEGO pieces and 80 pages of instructions. Dozens of creations can be made as kids become mini inventors for the day while learning important science concepts. From the instructions to the durability of the materials, everything is thoughtfully prepared. Elementary physics is introduced as children learn how to work with motion, momentum, weight and angles while assembling the pieces. Kids learn how to problem-solve while attempting to make successful chain reactions. The colorful bricks included are durable and easy to piece together or pull apart for plenty of independent play. The included instructions are engaging and easy to read, allowing kids to feel motivated and challenged by the content. The paper pieces for ramps pop out easily and are thick enough to remain intact when handled, folded and reshaped by kids.

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Made for ages 6 and up, this craft and science kit offers kids the chance to create their own colorful soap. The sidebar includes fun facts related to the chemistry of clean and allows kids to try various science experiments. Up to 10 different soaps can be made with the included molds and soap ingredients. Children learn the necessary steps for making soap and how long it takes to harden before it can be used. The best part is that kids are more likely to wash their hands after completing the project in order to put their new soap to the test. The recipes are easy-to-follow and require a minimal amount of assistance from adults.

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Once kids are provided with a wooden writing tool and 125 rainbow mini notes, they can spend hours making drawings, writing or doodling. They can express themselves freely whether labeling items or creating art. Coloring with the tools can reduce stress and also improve their hand-eye coordination. The mess-free nature of this activity also makes it an ideal craft to take on the go, whether traveling in a car or plane. The black finish scratches off easily, allowing kids of all ages to use the materials.

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Sewing has never been easier or more fun for children than with the CraftLab Sewing Kits Woodland Animals Sewing Kit. Kids learn a timeless craft, which can boost their confidence and even teach them how to repair their clothes in the future. The instructions are easy-to-follow to ensure children don’t feel intimidated by the activity. The carrying case also allows them to store the materials in a safe spot until they’re ready to sew again. Children can take pride in their stuffed animal creations or give them away as gifts. As kids learn how to grip a needle and sew different pieces of fabric together, they will strengthen their hand-eye coordination while boosting their focus. The time it takes to complete each animal also develops patience. This craft is recommended for kids ages 7 to 12.

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This sewing craft has high value with the variety of pieces included to ensure children can try a range of projects. Whether making a pillow or hemming pants, kids can make use of 28 felt shapes, embroidery floss, stuffing, fabric, needles, thimbles, buttons and pom-pom strips. They can learn valuable skills and even express themselves in a new way with the colorful items included. The instructions are clear and concise, and the simplicity of the projects included makes the craft kit an ideal purchase for beginners. A carrying case is included to keep all of the pieces together and make everything easy to find. Three different stuffed animals can be made with the kit, and children can continue to use the sewing tools on future projects.

Expert Commentary

“These kits allow the rubber to meet the road: your child will get to harness their creative juices to create practical, hands-on crafts. These crafts build upon prior beginner-level activities as they combine the mind, hand and heart.”



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