Best Craft Sets for 7-Year-Olds

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This kit has 500 interlocking pieces that can be snapped together to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. The pieces are made of safe plastic and come in an assortment of 12 colors and 15 shapes, allowing for loads of creative possibilities. Plus, the pieces can be used over and over again for endless fun, unlike some other craft kits that can only be used once or a handful of times.

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Dan&Darci’s Marbling Paint Art Kit brings children a fun, new way to paint. The set includes a tray, five paints, 10 papers and all the tools needed to create unique swirls. Children drop the paint in a solution within the tray, swirl it to create one-of-a-kind patterns and then transfer the design onto a piece of paper. Little artists will love to mix the bright orange, green, pink, yellow and purple paints into abstract patterns and transfer them onto the paper to produce works of art. This kit is a great way to boost your child’s creativity and art skills.

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The National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab combines crafting with learning. It comes with everything needed for children to grow their own crystals, including the crystal growing powder, seed rocks and silicone growing chambers. With this kit, children can create crystals in blue, pink, red, purple, orange, green, yellow and teal. The real gemstone specimens and learning guide also included with the set give children a basic understanding of crystal formation, making it a great option for building an interest in the sciences and learning science fundamentals. An added nightlight display allows children to keep and showcase their creations once they’re done crafting.

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Those looking to get their kids away from the screen for a few hours will love this option. This sewing kit contains everything needed to create fun stuffed animals including pre-cut felt shapes, embroidery thread, sewing needles, straight pins, scissors, fabric glue and stuffing. Sewing is a particularly great craft option for young children, as it can be incredibly beneficial in teaching patience as well as in developing their fine motor skills. It contains enough materials for multiple sewing projects, allowing children to craft together, learn together and build their social skills.

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Soap making is as much science as it is art, which is something children can come to appreciate with this craft set. The Klutz Make Your Own Soap kitt comes with everything needed to create a variety of fun soap designs, including soap bases for melting, soap molds, cosmetic glitter, and a delightful coconut-papaya fragrance. Traditional soap making is typically too dangerous for children, but this kit provides a kid-friendly alternative. The guide that comes with the set provides plenty of chemistry facts as well as soap-based experiments for kids to try, promoting their interest in science.

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Children can create up to 10 headbands with rhinestones, flowers, feathers and much more. In addition to helping them build fine motor skills as they assemble their headbands, this kit can also help teach other valuable skills such as color awareness and construction concepts. This kit is especially great because children can accessorize their headbands however they like, allowing them to express their individuality and creativity.

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We love this option because it is so unique, making it especially great for encouraging children’s creative expression. The kit helps kids learn to follow directions and work on construction and fine motor skills. With terra cotta pots, paints, a brush, cord, line and, chime rods, this kit comes with enough materials to create two wind chimes. The overall design is simple, making this a great option for children who are newer to crafting. Meanwhile, getting to paint the terra cotta pots with their own designs gives children a way to personalize their new creations and make them their very own. The wind chimes create a beautiful sound when finished and hung.

Expert Commentary

“From the soap kit to the wind chime kit, these fun, practical projects are not only delightful but also educational. What better way to get your child hooked on learning than making it as seamless as possible with fun crafts!”



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