Best Craft Sets for 6-Year-Olds

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With various flower pieces, such as assorted petals, pistils, stamens and stems with leaves, children can create the garden of their dreams. The kit includes green “ground” pieces that have slots for the stem pieces and can be assembled in many different arrangements. The pieces are made from colorful, durable plastic and easily stack together. This craft kit is a great way for children 3 and up to work on their fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, design ability and problem-solving skills.

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Children can make totally unique, personally designed headbands with this kit. It includes 10 ready-to-decorate hair accessories in a variety of colors and plenty of materials to add, such as flowers, feathers, ribbons, rhinestones and more. This craft helps strengthen motor skills, imagination, creativity, color awareness and design ability. Children will love creating their own fashion statements with their friends or family and wearing them afterward. This kit is great for ages 5 and up.

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Stencils are a great option for helping develop a child’s fine motor skills. With this stencils set, there are limitless options for creative expression. The stencil designs include the alphabet, geometric shapes, dinosaurs, different kinds of animals and much more. The set also comes with colored pencils, paper and a bonus pen that makes tracing outlines and filling them in afterward fun and easy. The included letter- and geometric-shaped stencils are great for encouraging early skills in reading and shape recognition, helping kids learn while they create. The stencils are made with BPA-free plastic. This set is great for children ages 4 and up.

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The Made By Me Design Your Own Wooden Car set comes with everything needed for children to create and customize up to three wooden race cars. Included in the set are 42 pre-cut and sanded wooden pieces, sandpaper, two paint brushes, 12 pots of acrylic paint and glue. A sticker sheet is included for further customization. This set is fairly simple to use and helps children ages 6 and up work on their construction skills in addition to learning how to follow directions. Additionally, once their cars are crafted, they can paint them any way they want, encouraging creativity as well as individual expression.

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Suncatchers are always a great art project for children. This kit comes with 12 suncatcher shapes in addition to an acetate sheet that can be used to create window clings, plus markers and paint for coloring, suction cups and cording to hang the suncatchers once finished. A design booklet is also included that gives kids plenty of ideas for creating their own projects. We love this craft set because it not only teaches children color recognition but also gives them the opportunity to problem-solve while creating their designs. It’s a terrific resource for encouraging creative thinking and self-expression in your 6-year-old.

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Children who love Disney princesses will absolutely adore this kit. It gives them the chance to create their own Disney princess necklaces with the included materials, which feature beads and cute princess charms with popular characters such as Belle, Tiana, Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella. Assembling the beads and charms on the silicone necklaces is simple and fun. It also helps children 3 and up develop fine motor skills. One of the great things about this set is that the materials are incredibly sturdy and, once finished, it is easy to take the necklaces apart so children can create unique designs over and over again. This makes it an especially great option for encouraging creativity.

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Scratch art is an incredibly fun and easy way for children to express themselves. With this set, children simply use the included stylus to scratch away at the black paper to reveal the colorful patterns underneath. Whether they want to write and make notes or draw and doodle, this scratch art set is great as it allows children over the age of 4 to practice working with writing tools. With this set, kids can pick up a page and doodle for a minute or two or sit down and spend an afternoon creating art. There’s no setup or assembly required, and because it’s scratch art, there’s little left behind for kids and parents to clean up.

Expert Commentary

“This particular age group is tough to entertain, as they are entering grade school and constantly bombarded by technology and screens. These activities will provide a fun, compelling break away from the hustle and bustle of technology and allow your child to use their hands and minds to unleash their creative energy.”



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